Your health, wealth and happiness matters

It has been a whole month since I closed the Too Fat to Run blog…and I have so much I want to share.

I have no intention of writing more blogs on this page, but I wanted this final one to be a reminder of why I started the blog in the first place.

And as I approach my 45th birthday next week, it feels like this is something really important that I want to say

The photo above was taken 3 years ago, in a friends garden during the pandemic. 

I was struggling. 

My friend Dipti was the first adult I had spent any proper time with in weeks…of course we maintained our social distance which in itself was hard work, because all I needed was a hug.

I think the Pandemic was a big wake-up call for all of us. It was possibly the first time in our life time where the whole world were having to confront the same health issue simultaneously as each other.

I can remember sitting in that garden and knowing I had to make change, I had to take responsibility for my mental and physical health and I needed to nurture myself more than I had ever nurtured myself.

I have been working with ordinary people my whole life, young people, volunteers, marginalised communities, and through my work with TFTR lots and lots of women, of all shapes and sizes, ages and abilities.

What drives me to continue working with people, is the exploration of what it takes to do extraordinary things despite the odds.

How we are able to bounce back, or pull ourselves back from the brink…the brink of health issues, trauma, relationship breakdowns, redundancies.

But knowing where to start, and where to focus is often the problem.

Around 6 years ago I developed a simple tool to help my clients with this…I called it my Health, Wealth & Happiness MOT…a simple word document which could be printed out and scribbled on.

It got my clients to score themselves on the various areas of their life, giving them an opportunity to explore which areas need more focus than others…and what practical things could be done to start doing this work.

Over 1000 women downloaded this free resource, with so much great feedback about the clarity it gave them.

I have recently developed a digital tool which does a similar thing…but this time also exploring…

  • Confidence
  • Capacity
  • Clarity

And here’s why.

We often know that we “Should” or “Could” change our lifestyles, and we may even have managed to do that in the past, but as we get older I am sure our confidence wanes around what the best course of action is, or whether we are even capable of change at all.

The twenty-something me who’d go on the next fad diet to lose weight for my upcoming trip to Aiya Napa would never work now for my peri-menopausal forty-something self…and thank god right?

Your wellbeing matters, over and above how you look. My TED talk from 2018 made that clear…”WE ARE NOT JUST WHAT WE LOOK LIKE” that’s not a great enough indicator of health…and it sure as hell doesn’t make us happy.

But sometimes the smaller habits, rituals, and indulgencies we allow ourselves to have, create the biggest amount of impact to our overall health. 

And change takes time…

It is why I have made the decision to turn my 12 week Year to Change Your Life programme into a 12 month incubator.

YES we have an intensive learning phase over the first 12 weeks, with some structured change sprints…but you have support from me and the community for a whole year. 

You can find out more about the Year to Change Your Life Here

But first you need clarity.

You need to decide that you want to change, that you are capable of it, that you will get enough of a return on investment, for the time, energy and other reseources spent on it…

And that’s where my Health, Wealth & Happiness MOT comes into it.

So let’s have a look under your bonnet shall we?

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