why its 100% safe for you to start again in 2022

What’s the point?

I’ve left it too late!!

I am ALWAYS starting again!!!

Any of this sound familiar?

The truth is, as runners, we are always stop starting…, especially us women.

OK so we might have periods of consistency and improved confidence, fitness and joy in the sport of running, but more times than not we have breaks.

We have breaks when we have kids.

Then we have breaks BECAUSE we have kids.

We have breaks for illness, breaks for depression, breaks for bereavements, breaks from busy times at work, we have breaks because our partner is being a dick, we have breaks because our kids/parents/siblings/friends/pets need us.

We have breaks cos we just can’t be bothered.

Oh and many of us had breaks because THERE WAS A GLOBAL FUCKING PANDEMIC!!!!


It is OK to have a break.

You are safe to do so, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

You are not a bad person because you haven’t been consistent in your running.

Shit happens.

I have been running for around 20 years now.

I first started up the sport when I was still living at my mums. I used to run over Wanstead Flats, and simply enjoyed being in nature and out of the house, were my 5 other siblings got on my nerves.

I did a bit a uni.

And then got back into it again when I started working on the London 2012 Olympics…during the bid phase.

I started my blog The Fat Girls Guide to Running

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