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Do you ever get a little seed of an idea and then before you know it you are booking flights and going off on an adventure?

Or you see something online and think “that looks a bit mad, but I wonder if?”

Well, that’s kind of how I live my life.

I love a good challenge, I love trying new things, and I love seeing how far I can push myself.

I have realised over the last few months just how lucky we are to get to choose adventure and challenge like that, and just how different it can feel when challenge and adventure comes your way without you having any choice.

We never know what’s around the corner, and sometimes it’s only after the event we can see the lessons, or acknowledge what we were able to endure.

I met Bryony at a speakers conference in 2015…but we only spoke briefly. The following year at the same conference we were the last two females at the bar putting the world to rights, and we have been buddies ever since, often sharing rooms at conferences, but also spending time with each other socially, and checking in with each other frequently about business and life stuff.

Bryony is founder of Watertight Marketing…she is a marketing genius, but she is also a lot of fun, and always up for an adventure and new opportunities.

In December she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, after feeling unwell for a good few months but not quite being able to put her finger on what was wrong.

It was an almighty shock.

8 months on I can only imagine the journey she has been through with major surgery 8 rounds of chemo, shielding from her own family at times, and having to take a massive backseat in the business she has spent a decade building.

And yet even during this time, she still sent me little messages during lockdown telling me what a good job I was doing solo parenting, homeschooling, and running my business.

And she did a number of media interviews to raise the profile of cancer sufferers during COVID lockdown.

Back in Feb/March I was considering raising money for Pancreatic Cancer UK as part of my London Marathon…but of course that got cancelled, and other things took up my headspace for a while.

But then when I saw that the Prudential 100 event had gone virtual…I decided this would be my challenge.

I’m not much of a cyclist. I can ride a bike, and I have done a few bike events, but I don’t have much endurance on a bike, and if truth be known get a bit bored.

But lockdown has made it near on impossible to get out and run, and so an indoor bike became like a lifeline. I’ve had my Peloton bike now for around 8 weeks and up until 10 days ago I was loving it.

In this heat, though I haven’t had the energy to do anything…so I am praying for rain soon to cool down my apartment before the weekend arrives. Because on Saturday (and maybe Sunday too) I will be jumping on my bike and riding for hours and hours on end to reach my 100 miles.

Its currently taking me an hour to cover 15 miles…so I dare say this might take me 8 or 9 hours. My intention is to do it all in one day…but I may have some moping up to do on the Sunday if my legs get to the point where they can’t go on.

I have no idea what to expect…the most I’ve cycled I think was 40 miles, around 15 years ago as part of an event, where I cycled from East to West London and back again taking the scenic route, across multiple bridges etc.

My fundraising target is to raise £1000+ for Pancreatic Cancer UK…and I am around 80% so far….and the statement below explains why especially during this time, funding is so important

“Devastatingly, 3 in 4 people will not survive pancreatic cancer beyond a year. That is why our specialist nurses are here for those affected. Now, with the outbreak of coronavirus, it is even more important that they are there for those affected by the disease during this very worrying time. We need to ensure  families affected by the disease can get the information and support they need quickly and easily, and focus on spending precious time together.

My plan for Saturday is to get on the bike at 8am and do as many 90 minute blocks as I can through the day with short breaks to stretch and refuel in between…and see where I can get to. I will do any remaining miles on Sunday.

Look out for live sections over on Facebook…don’t worry I won’t inflict an all-day live feed on you…but I will do some updates throughout the day…I am going to need all of the encouragement I can get.

Bryony is doing well, she’s getting here strength back every day, and has even started doing a few bits and bobs on her business again.

Please do donate a few quid if you can, it will make such a difference.

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