This blog post was first written and published almost 10 years ago…on Saturday the 5th September 2010 in fact.

There was no photo attatched originally, as for the first 2 years of writing this blog it was annonymous, I didn’t share photos or my real name for fear of ridicule.

How things change.

This Saturday marks the 10 year anniversary of The Fat Girls Guide to Running, and I have got some exciting things to announce about what is coming next.

So watch this space

But in the meantime, read on and see where this all started.

From small seeds mighty oak trees grow hey?

So I am sitting on the sofa in a sweaty mess wondering if I have the strength to get in the bath.

I have just returned from a rather eventful 10k race in Victoria Park which I have a feeling I may be reliving for some time.

Now I must have done about twenty or so of these races over the past few years but today’s was particularly painful.

You see even though I knew this race was coming up I haven’t done any training for at least a month, stupid really. I have put on over a stone in weight in the last few months which is hardly surprising considering the lack of exercise in my life.

This particular race was the Middlesex 10 organised by Victoria Park Harriers, the clue was in the name really, but I was looking for a local race to do with a friend of mine but when we turned up on the day to register I realised my mistake.

There were only about 300 runners taking part, and 298 of those were professional looking club runners and then there was me and my pal Alison. I picked up my race number, pinned it to my vest and just sat on the ground leaning against a tree waiting for the inevitable to begin.

I made the mistake of wearing my swanky new Nike sports bra, that I picked up on sale last weekend it looks great on but about 30 seconds after the starting horn went I realised it doesn’t quite have the support my knockers require whilst running. This was going to be a long and painful 10K.

To make matters worse my boyfriend insisted on meeting me at the park, he phoned whilst I was on lap 2 saying he was in the park and that it looked like most people had finished. I didn’t know he was planning on meeting me so it was a nice surprise, although I was less impressed with his comment of “do you really have to run round one more time?

By the time I got to my 3rd and final lap I could see the organisers had already packed away the finish line and the water station, how embarrassing. My boyfriend managed to salvage a few bottles by letting them know I was still on the course, they should have known really because the stewards were still out there too, each patiently waiting for me to pass them so they could go home.

I was truly exhausted by the time I finished.

But there you have it. I finished the course, at least fifteen minutes after everyone else but at least I finished it.

So this is my first ever blog post on a brand new site The Fat Girls Guide to Running? But why? Well I thought I might start noting down some of my running experiences, my specific running as a Fat girl experiences in particular. I have quite a few stories from my 4 or so years of running and who knows it might motivate me to loose the 3 and a bit stone I want to get rid of.

So feel free to add your comments, laugh at my disasters and congratulate me on my successes. I am not sure if anyone will be interested in what I have to say. But if it helps me run more often or maybe even inspire someone else like me to take up running then it will be worth the effort.

Right, I am now off to lick my wounds about coming last…AGAIN!!!

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