we all wobble

Tuesday morning I woke up at 6am and cried.

I don’t know why.

I just felt sad. Nothing triggered it. I have lots to be grateful for. Nothing too taxing going on. But still I felt overwhelmed with emotion.

Did you know my nick name is Tiny Tears. I have always been a crier. I cried at school when the Nuns told me off (which was often) I cried at college when I didn’t get picked for roles (I studied Drama and never got the good parts). I cried in the workplace…often when a superior was being a dick, and it was tears of anger and frustration.

As a woman that cries I can often feel like I am weak, that I need to have more control, get on top of my emotions. But I also know it is healthy to release like this, and it is a telltale sign that all is not well. Why should we hide our discomfort? We all wobble, all of us…especially now.

Whether that is worrying about the future, or getting caught up in the past. Whether that’s feeling sad at the loss of our fitness, our body changing, or not being able to do the things we once did.

Whether that’s fears about not being good enough, feeling alone, feeling misunderstood. There is only one thing worse than having things on our mind, and that’s feeling like we have nowhere safe to offload. When we get into that place of thinking,

“Well everyone is going through shit, right?”

“Why would anyone care about my problems?”

“Moaning about it ain’t going to help”

No, but knowing you are not alone does. The first step of any transformation is awareness, then it is acknowledging that you want to feel different, do different, be different…then we feel inspired to make changes.

This month I launched something called The Wobbly Bits Club, a place for women to feel safe as they work on the things they want to work on, without the fear of judgement, without the narrative that says they are broke and need fixing.

We are halfway through 2021, and none of us know what’s coming. But what I know for sure is that whatever is on its way, I don’t really want to have to face by myself. We truly are stronger together, and now more than ever as women we need to support one another in our journey towards health and happiness.

So whatever it is you are wobbling about now, know you are lobed, you are not alone, and things can change…they always do, even if it takes a while. Here’s to a better second half of 2021…may it bring you everything you desire*

*Here’s hoping for a 5K PB and a hot new boyfriend…I can keep dreaming right?

Join us in July for just £20, we have an Opening Ceremony on Sunday 11th July

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