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Try Running they say…
It’s FREE they say…
But what about the running shoes? I say
And the race entry?
And the technical running gear?
Have you seen the price of a decent sports bra these days?
And then there are the sports massages?
And the gels and supplements?

Oh and let’s not forget the blister plasters!!!!!

Perhaps I need to take up naked yoga?

Does any of that sound familiar?

It always makes me laugh when people respond to the adverts for my paid for programmes with comments like,

“Oh, it’s not FREE??? I thought running was supposed to be FREE”

“Money is tight right now”

“I can download a c25k app for £1.49”

Yes…but will an app take the time to get to know you? Encourage you, ask you questions, give you virtual kick up the backside if you need one, help you make real life running friends, share more than 10 years experience, support you when it get’s tough?

Erm nope!!

Yes, running is FREE if you are happy to run barefoot, without a sports bra (heaven forbid) and want to restrict yourself to running a 2 mile loop around your home….and without any proffesional help.

But for the rest of us…

Look, let’s face it running is a multi billion pound industry, one which is only growing. The growth of concept races like Pretty Muddy, Spartan & Tough Mudder, Disney Races…not to mention the big city marathons, and the once in a lifetime adventures sometimes it can feel like you have to remortgage your home to be able to take part.

It doesn’t have to be that way though…there are lots of ways to do exciting running adventures on a budget AND also there are lots of fun and easy ways to generate extra cash to help you make this an exciting part of your lifestyle. Because if you think international travel and adventure is only for the youngsters…or worse still slim women, you are very much mistaken and I want to show you how you can do it.

Over the last few years I have been undergoing a complete money mindset overhaul, because trust me a few years back I had such a negative attitude to money and any ideas around adventure, I was like

I can’t afford that
Nah… traveling ain’t for me
That’s just for the youngsters

But in the past 4 years for example, even as a single parent with a limited income I have managed to travel to more than 15 countries as part of my running adventures and business journey, and I’ve taken part in heaps of exciting events around the UK too….and not just because I am a fitness blogger.

I have learned about the law of attraction, and the power of saying YES to things, and put this all into action, so now have a very specific way of making exciting shit happen.

So, now I want to share this all with you lot…and I am going to share it with you for FREE, because I am all about helping women live bigger lives no matter their size or income level.

Starting on Monday 9th April I am going to be leading a 100% FREE 10 day mini course and social media challenge called “10 ways to make money for your adventure”. Throughout the 10 days I will introduce to you the 10 simple steps you can make to raise money for whatever the race, adventure, training course, new trainers, holiday, new car….like seriously it doesn’t even matter what you want to raise the money for…I can help you.

And….if you play along online either on Twitter or Instagram (please do follow me) you will be in with a chance of winning a place on my upcoming programme Living a Bigger Life worth almost £600.

What have you got to lose? Or more importantly, what have you got to gain?

And if you have a bunch of friends you would love to go on one of these adventures with? or even a friend or relative who is always like “I’d love to but things are always really tight” then get them involved too…its FREE there simply is no reason not to take part…unless you are scared of adventure or are afraid of doing new things…which come on ladies many of us are.

So maybe use this as a way of facing your fears and shaking up your life.

To take part in this challenge and receive the FREE video instructions you need to fill in your details on this page…then your first set of instructions will wing their way to you on Monday morning.

We already have close to 100 women registered for this challenge, so why not join them.

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