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About ten years ago, shortly after my Run Fatty Run episode I went through a bit of a phase of going on various bootcamps, I was single and childless at the time, with disposable income and an attitude of “whatever it takes to lose this bloody weight”. Over a period of about 2 years I did 7 of the bloody things, often losing weight (9lbs in one week once) and always reigniting my enjoyment of exercise…but at each of the different retreats I tried I always thought something was missing.

The bootcamps in question focussed hugely on how much weight you could lose in one week, which is how they market themselves I guess, but from the moment you arrived to the moment you left it was all “what will I lose”, “what am I losing” and “What have I actually lost”

You were up and out at 6am and in bed by 9pm exhausted each day, and your meals although tasty were tiny and barely enough for you to survive on considering the intensity of the exercise. Now I am sure if I went on one of those things for 6 months out of every year then I would indeed get down to a smaller size, but the point is, nobody has 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to dedicate to exercise….so where is the balance?

SpringRetreatSo it is with great pleasure that I would like to reveal (drum roll please) the 2016 Too Fat to Run Health and Happiness Retreat.

Taking place in Pefkos on the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes from May 11th to 21st next year, this is guaranteed a retreat (did you notice I didn’t say bootcamp” like no other.

You may have remembered that back in September I jetted off for a short family holiday (you can read about my adventures in Rhodes here)…well in fact it was to check out the villa the retreat is going to be held in….and let me tell you it is stunning.

The week has been planned very much with what I would like on a retreat if I was going on one…

  • Hosted by women who know my struggle
  • Luxurious and clean accommodation
  • Nice indulgent yet healthy food in decent portions
  • Wine…yes you read that right WINE!!!
  • An exercise schedule that is encouraged yet optional
  • Mindset sessions that are tailored to the group
  • Individual support to work through my specific issues
  • Opportunities to escape the group (if I want to)
  • The chance to test the principles in the real world around other people
  • Time to reflect and think and basically just get away from it all

So, what do you think? Fancy it?

I revealed my plans to The Clubhouse ladies last week and already 3 ladies have put down deposits, leaving just 9 places left of our 12 place retreat.

Despite the luxurious nature of this retreat and the fact you will have the support of two leading fitness and health professionals, plus THE most amazing plus sized athlete Elizabeth Cass Konti who just so happens to be based in Rhodes…we have managed to keep the retreat at an affordable price…you will be hard pressed to find something else of this nature for less than £2000.

Plus, we will be doing things the Too Fat to Run way and you simply can’t put a price on that. So I guess you want to know how much it does cost, and what that gets you?

The retreat costs just £1299 excluding flights, and includes

  • 7 nights accommodation in the stunning Villa Elies, with its infinity pool, jacuzzi, numerous outdoor spaces, panoramic sea views etc. This is based on two ladies sharing a double room so perfect for siblings, friends, mother and daughters…or equally we will pare you up with another awesome lady from our community.
  • A warm welcome at the airport and comfortable transfers to the retreat location
  • Most meals and wine, the main exception being on one of our exciting excursions where you have the choice to eat whatever you fancy
  • A schedule of fitness activities and challenges, including a local yoga instructor who will join us some mornings
  • A schedule of group and 121 NLP and hypnotherapy sessions with Donna Kenny
  • A luxurious goody bag packed full of treats to help you stay focussed once you get back home.
  • A week full of laughter, giggles, good company and no unnecessary drama!!

You can now secure your place for just £199 via the shop, and if you settle your bill by the 1st December we will give you an additional 5% discount plus send you a surprise gift to be opened on 1st January to help you on your journey for 2016. All accounts must be settled by 1st March.

Clubhouse Members get 10% discount 

Ladies, we are specifically not marketing this retreat as a weight loss retreat, even though some of you may find you lose weight and tone up over the 7 days…but that will not be our determination of success for you. The focus will be on finding life balance and thinking about ways of being kinder to our bodies, on our quest for health and happiness.

If you go home tanned, refreshed and feeling more confident about the journey ahead then we will have done our job. All the details of the retreat can be found on this TFTR Retreat PDF

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