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Running is FREE they said?

So what are all these parcels which keep being delivered to your home ha ha

Running is a great spot and yes you can do it without spending a whole heap of money, but actually new things aid with the motivation to go out and actually run.

You don’t need to spend a lot to get that boost, and it’s even better when someone you love buys you something to help you with your fitness endeavors.

So I have collated a comprehensive list of potential Xmas presents, both to recommend to loved ones, or to simply go out and buy for yourself….and yes there are a few of my products and services thrown in for good measure to.

I’ve tried to find something for all budgets, read through to the end for some “money can’t buy” gestures.

Pocket Money Gifts for Mum – £5 or less

  • Lip Balm – Something as small as sore lips during a race can really start to grate on you after a while. I love these from Carmex
  • Footcare – Our feet take a battering, so this little footcare set is a wonderfully thoughtful gift
  • Energy Gels – These can be picked up in the supermarket reasonably cheap, and for online shopping I quite like these electrolyte tabs from ORS
  • Funny Mug – Although slightly over a Fiver, I love this “I’m one fart away from a poo” mug

Stocking Filler – Under £20

  • Socks – Who doesn’t love a pair of socks at Xmas, I love these from More Miles and what about compression socks, I don’t always run in these but these (I have the pink ones) are great for the day after a big race…and I couldn’t not mention these xmas beauties
  • Lights – On dark nights out running you want to be seen right, I love this reflective belt thingy and these trainer clips...nobody will miss you with these on
  • Gymboss – This cute little gadget clips to your pants and beeps at you at set intervals, it’s great if you are a jeffer…or even for HITT training…it comes in lots of colours too
  • Books – Now we are talking, my latest book Living a Bigger Life is a wonderful gift for a partner, friend or relative, but also check out my other running books on Amazon The Fat Girls Guide to Marathon Running is currently in the top 10 in the running charts
  • Muscle Roller – My daughter loves using this on my sore muscles, yes you read that right, she takes real pleasure in making me scream out in pain…bonus is its weird shape, so will make for an interesting Xmas reveal around the tree

Treat a Friend – £20-£50

  • Sturdy By Design Leggings – Get these awesome leggings as a gift for Xmas and you will love the giver forever more, if you can’t choose a design how about getting a gift voucher instead. Use discount Run15 for 15% off at the check out
  • Rocket Book – Not really a running gift so to speak, but this cool bit of stationery has changed my life. It connects to your tech apps like Evernote and Email, meaning you can scan in training plans and notes direct to your phone, and its reusable so no getting through a million notebooks.
  • Smellies – Treat the runner in your life with some lovely toiletries. This rejuvenating shower gel from Molten Brown  and Epson Salts for the post-race bath are a must
  • Dare to Dream – This is my new online programme which goes live on the 1st Jan (a perfect treat for yourself with 50% off in December) to help work out what you want for 2019, and how you are going to go about getting it

Main Gift – £50-£300

  • Stop Dieting, Start Living – My 3-month antidieting health and happiness programme with the support of a qualifies nutritionist. If you buy this for someone as a gift be sure to email me the correct email address to set them up with.
  • A Sports Watch – This is an investment piece, and makes such a difference to our enjoyment and progress in the sport. This is the Garmin model that I use, but make sure you get one with the right level of features…I use this one because I swim and bike too.
  • Trainers – Not as cheap as you might imagine, but what a difference the right pair can be. I am wearing these at the moment and love them…they got me round 26.2 miles of New York no problems at all
  • Health Assesment – You can’t always tell how your health is going from the scales or even a tape measure, how about having a 3 monthly blood test (done from home) which flags up health concerns with tips for making improvements? I use this one from Thriva, and if you order via this link you get 50% off your first test.
  • Compression Tights – I was skeptical about these at first, but they make an incredible difference to performance and recovery, sizing can be a bit of an issue though. I have a pair of these from skins, but there are cheaper options

Blow the Bank – £300 – £1500

  • 121 Coaching Package – I now offer 121 coaching, and if you sign up before December I am doing 6 sessions for £300. These are limited though. The 60 minute sessions help you to work through goals or issues using a range of coaching techniques and the power of accountability. Email me at julie@juliecreffield.com for more info
  • Come to my 2019 Retreat – A week of fitness, fun, personal development, sunshine and wonderful Mediterranean cuisine. My annual Health & Happiness week on the island of Rhodes is a hit with my clients, and there are just 4 spaces available. Check out what’s included here plus pictures of the beautiful mountain top villa. Payment plans can be arranged via email to julie@toofattorun.co.uk

Hopefully, there is something for everyone here.

But if you don’t want to spend any money and you still want to give the runner in your life a gift…

  1. Be supportive
  2. Don’t make fun or be patronising
  3. Run them a warm bath when they come back from a long run
  4. Cook them dinner
  5. Help out with childcare and other household logistics

As a single parent the best gift a loved one can give me is to offer to look after my daughter so I can go out and run.

Have a wonderful active Xmas everyone…and I hope to see some of you in my January 1st programme…it’s here if you missed it.

Please note some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I may get a small financial kickback if you decide to purchase. They are all products that I know and love though, and there is no additional cost to anyone buying through them. Money raised through this post will probably go towards some kind of Xmas gift for myself…does Amazon do naked men?

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