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Wearing the right running gear can have a huge impact on your running both in terms of confidence and actual running technique and form, but as a larger runner the choice in technical running apparel for women in the correct sizes is not that great.

But this will not beat us.

Whilst our Kit that Fits Campaign takes full effect we will make do and find innovative ways to customise what we have and find alternatives, because there is no way we will let something like the lack of the right running apparel get in our way.

The images are the makes and models of the kit that Julie actually uses, clicking on them will take you through to Amazon where you can check their price etc


41VrxFXxP1L._SL110_Probably THE most important bit of kit you can buy. Of course when you are first starting out you do not need to go out and spend a fortune but once you have been running for a couple of months and have committed to this lifestyle a good fitted pair of trainers are a must. Check out this recent review of GAIT analysis, which most shops offer for free, but remember you are under no obligation to buy from that store. You should be able to buy a decent pair of trainers for about £60, cheaper from an outlet or online store if you know exactly what you are looking for.


41MrFapq5GL._SS100_Regardless of what size boobs you have a good fitting sports bra is a must. The impact that running has on your breasts can create all kind of problems and a well supportive bra will minimise bounce and enable you to run more freely without fear of knocking someone out. Most stores do a fitting service even on sports bras, and if you really can’t find one in your size, 2 normal bras worn one over the other with a tight fitting crop top can also offer a good level of support.


JC Docklands Finals LR-51Many people start off running in t-shirts and that is fine in the short term, in fact I often still wear cotton t-shirts (especially my Too Fat to Run? ones) but they are often more comfortable with a bit of customisation. Check out this blog post I wrote all about how to customise a Tshirt for running.

Technical running vests or shirts are also an option as these have super sweat wicking properties that prevent chaffing and dampness caused by sweat. It is sometimes difficult to find these in large sizes, and vests can expose areas of our bodies we would prefer to hide. Our Too Fat to Run vests are longer at the back and the cut doesn’t cling to problem areas. They cost just £25 and we ship internationally too, so why not purchaseone for your next big race or maybe just to silence your critiques while out training.


310pXfuhP8L._SS100_Running leggings or tights are the best option as they prevent wobble and chaffing thighs, and many have compression like qualities to support sore muscles but again these are difficult to find in all sizes. Look for tights with a drawstring so that you can adjust the waist and also a back pocket is useful for keys, phone etc. Sweatpants, joggers, everyday leggings are ok for short distances but they can be uncomfortable, heavy and less aerodynamic than their technical counterparts.

Running Jacket

41+BU2bcmkL._SL110_If you live in an area prone to rain (like here in the UK) a waterproof running jacket is a must, but alas it is near on impossible to find one in anything larger than a UK size 16. It is possible to find lightweight rain macs on the market but these do not have the technical/reflective features of proper running ones. This one by brooks is amazing but only since I have lost weight.

A note on customisation

Overweight women are a dab hand at customising their clothes to make them more comfortable, functional and flattering, so take this approach with your running clothes and look in places other than sports shops for fabrics and cuts of clothes that will help you feel more comfortable and stylish when you run.

When you have a race coming up, don’t just squeeze into the race tshirt they give you grab a pair of scissors and make a statement with some cut outs, who cares if you look different to everyone else. You need to be comfortable and feel great too.

– Cutting arms off can help prevent chaffing
– Removing the neck band out can help cool and widen
– Try some slits in the side for extra ventilation
– Knotting at the side or back makes a large shirt look more feminine

Have fun!!

Kit that Fits

Plus size women deserve to be able to find sexy, stylish running gear in their size, so please support our Kit that Fits campaign and if you have had success in finding brands that do cater for larger ladies then please join in the debate over at our Facebook community.

Help us change the status quo with major sportswear only catering for the already fit population
by wearing our very own “Too Fat to Run” merchandise.