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Happy New Year…or is it?

Are you heading into the New Year under enormous pressure to get fit, lose weight, earn more money, have better sex, travel the world, get a better job, have a capsule wardrobe, find the man (or woman) of your dreams?

Well, do you want the good news or the bad news first?

We know that at this time of year women are bamboozled with messages to make this the year they do all the things they say they are going to in terms of health and fitness, diet and all kinds of other stuff.

The thing is…it’s just noise.

Which is why normally I don’t do much in January in terms of my programmes…cos it feels a little mean to be adding to the noise, but there are exciting times ahead for the Too Fat to Run movement and I want to give women the opportunity to get involved before things kick off in the Spring.

Plus a heap of women emailed me asking if I would be running any “start running” programmes in January.

So you want to learn to run right? Let me guess…

  • You’ve tried before
  • You bought some kit
  • You joined a club
  • You did a couple of parkruns
  • You downloaded some apps
  • It was hard
  • Too damn hard
  • Life got in the way/you gave up/you got injured

Or perhaps you didn’t get started in the first place.

Perhaps this year will be the year?

This is what I know.

Running is hard, whether you start in January or you start in June. Whether you do it with a club or with an app…the point is unless you get out and run, you can’t become a runner…and if you don’t become a runner (ie run) then you can’t see any improvements, it DOES NOT GET EASIER otherwise.

In my view, there are 5 things you need to get you started with the whole running thing this time of year

  1. Decent kit – By decent I mean you are willing to be seen in it and it doesn’t cause any major injuries (we will get to minjuries and chaffing later)
  2. A Plan of action – some kind of idea of what to do and when
  3. Someone to hold you to account – To make sure you actually do it
  4. Somewhere to ask advice – That isn’t just the internet or your husband
  5. Some kind of goal or reward – Something to work towards that signifies success

Oh, and there is another factor that is kind of important.

This process shouldn’t take forever.

I’ve seen 5K training programmes that give you like 3 months to build up.

I seriously do not think it takes that long.

If you are serious about becoming a runner…you just need to run.

You don’t need to go mad…but for goodness lets get some perspective, we are talking the equivalent of 60-90 minutes worth of walking, 40-60 minutes of running (these are obviously estimates)

There are very few people who can’t get to the 5K distance safely in 4-5 weeks.

How do I know all this?

A. Because I have had to make my way up to 5K from zero…numerous times

B. I have helped 1000’s of women get up to 5K, including 3 women live on daytime TV….ask Philip Schofield 

So I present to you THE BEST (in my opinion) way of getting up to 5K….its called 5 weeks to 5K and it is my beginner/returner/improver 5K online programme which I have been running now for more than 3 years.

How is this different from Couchto5K?

Well…it doesn’t really move up incrementally in distance.

It doesn’t assume you are all the same.

It isn’t delivered by a non-descript prerecorded voice.

But what it does do is get you to think about the barriers to running like fear of judgement, the wrong kit, a busy lifestyle, lack of confidence, and then get you with a team of women just like you to start slowly and build things up in a way that seems doable.

Oh and with live coaches…this time, myself and 4 awesome LIRF qualified run leaders from the Too Fat to Run online running community.

And guess what?

It will cost you a Fiver…yep that’s all, just £5

That’s it, I’m in

So that is 6 weeks of coaching, and support…plus access to a closed facebook page, and all the advice and encouragement you could ever need….oh and there’s even a virtual run at the end of the programme where you can order yourself a medal for your efforts.

How does that sound?

This programme is normally £25, and women tell me it is worth every penny. Women have gone on from this programme to train for marathons, they have used this programme to really embed running into their lives, they have used this programme to finally feel like a proper runner (whatever that is)

So come on.

Join us?

Sign up before Monday 7th January to get this programme for just £5…and tell ya friends.

If you are reading this blog for the first time ever, you might want to know a little bit about me. My name is Julie Creffield and I am the plus size marathon runner turned life coach who was told she was Too Fat to Run by her doctor. I have since run 4 marathons, hundreds of other races all over the world, including tough mudders, triathlons and even an ultra marathon.

When I first started writing this blog back in 2010 plus size fitness wasn’t really a thing. People told me that the blog was a joke, that I was a joke…that it was all some kind of gimmick. Well, this gimmick has helped more than 10,000 women to take up and embrace running no matter what size they are, and the blog has been read by millions of women all over the world.

So, welcome to 2019…and just watch where Too Fat to Run goes this year.

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