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Yesterday I went for a run.

I have this rule in the winter (and yes its winter now folks) that if the sun shines, I will get out the door…even if I don’t really want to.

We need that vitamin D at this time of the year right?

Plus I’m marathon training don’t you know?

The ladies in my Spring Marathon Training group covered more than 200 miles collectively last week…on a coaching call last night the women shared their fears about going up from the distances that they are doing now…to those 16 milers in a few months.

But I reminded them at this stage its just about consistency and not being distracted.

December is a terrible month for distractions.

And it was one of the reasons 5 years ago that I decided to trial a Xmas Challenge…a simple facebook group where every day throughout December we would keep each other accountable, and not let the festive period get the best of us.

It was great…and a bit bonkers.

Every year, its got even more so…and I’m just going with the flow giving my ladies what they want ha ha…so what is the 2019 Xmas challenge going to entail this year.

  • A mileage challenge for sure (run, walk, swim or cycle)
  • An accumulative squat challenge
  • A family “plank off” challenge for Boxing Day
  • More than £2000 worth of prizes (still to be confirmed)
  • Leftovers soup challenge
  • Cash prize and donation to Shelter at Xmas
  • Naughty Elves to keep you motivated
  • Xmas Day festive costume challenge

And much much more.

You do as much as you like, you post as much as you like…there are no hard and fast rules…you don’t have to be fit or enjoy fitness (in fact it’s funnier if you don’t)

You can be based ANYWHERE in the world as long as you have a facebook account, and we don’t care what size your bum is…it’s open to women of all shapes and sizes and fitness levels.

So who wants in?

Sign up soon to claim a discount of £7

Be there or be square…and be sure to invite your besties that you don’t always get to see…the more the merrier hey?

Sign up for just £20 for a 4 and a half week programme.

Hi there, my name is Julie Creffield and I am a plus-size athlete, transformational coach and the founder of the too Fat to Run movement. Next year marks 10 years of this blog and there will be a range of events taking place to celebrate this milestone.

More than 10,000 women have taken part in my online programmes over the past 5 years, which helps fund the advocacy work I do around ensuring runners of all shapes and sizes are represented and included in the mainstream running world.

These programmes have also helped me to do this work full time and not have to go and get a “proper job” as my mum keeps suggesting I should ha ha.

I want to say a massive thank you to all of the women who have supported my work over the last 10 years…it has been an absolute honour to grow this movement.

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