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I never get it when the first thing people ask when you complete an important race is,

“What time did you do?”

Like I get it if they are a running friend, and you have had a prior conversation about pace, or your goals…but when an almost complete stranger asks the question I’m a bit like

“I think you are missing the point”

Don’t get me wrong I am motivated by times.

I set goals.

Normally a Gold, Silver and Bronze target…and those targets keep me motivated in training AND motivated in the actual race.

During my Triathlon at the weekend for example, on the swim I was like, I wonder how close I can get to my training times (32 minutes), I pushed myself to swim more front crawl and actually came in at 27 minutes something.

On the bike it was similar.

I saw I was close to an hour for the 20K, and so in the last 5 minutes or so really pushed myself to hit that target…I missed it by a minute in the end…that would be the big hill going up to the Excel that did it.

And even on the run when I had really bad back pain and was obviously a little bit tired, I did keep an eye on my watch and try to speed up to get under an hour.

I normally run a 5K somewhere around the 40-minute mark…and ended up completing it in 45.46

It would be easy to just think,

“I’m doing it…that should be enough”

But for me, I want to know I’ve tried my best, and I also get a little buzz when I see progress when I see speed improvements as they seem like a reward for my commitment to the training.

I would never judge anyone for their speed.

I never give people estimates around how long it should take you to run a 5K/10K etc

I believe we have a right to enjoy sport however we choose.

But there are women in the running world that would like to get faster, that would like to learn how, that would like to see what is possible…but in a safe and non-judgemental way.

And that is 100% what Scream if You Want to Run Faster is all about.

It’s an 8-week online programme that has helped over 1000 women improve their 5K time, knocking anything from 3 minutes to 7 minutes off their time.

It’s not just about technique, it’s also about effort, mindset, commitment, and having a bit of fun.

The accountability is super, super powerful.

The September cohort will start on the 9th September with a welcome week…but the earlier you sign up the cheaper the programme will be. Its currently just £20 for the 8 weeks of coaching and support.

Here is the link.

What would your target be?

I’m hoping to knock close to 10 minutes off my 5K time…I’ve done it before and I know I can do it again.

Fancy challenging yourself.

There are just 82 places left as of today…we hope to have 100 women take part in the challenge.

Sign up before the price rise on the 1st August

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