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About 3 years ago I was very unhappy with both my physical appearance and my general state of fitness, or lack of. I was 6 months out of a longterm relationship, just turned 30 and working in a job that didn’t quite agree with me. Something had to change.

I found Fitfarms online whilst looking for holidays for singles… Hmmm a bootcamp for women in the middle of Devon, it sounded perfect. And it was. I spent a week going for long hikes, up at the crack of dawn to par take in metabolising circuit training and all sorts of other activities… Oh and did I mention the miniscule portions of food, lovingly prepared by a somewhat eccentric French chef. I had a whale of a time, I lost 5lbs, 5% of my body fat and loads of inches off my frame. But most importantly I came away with a real sense of accomplishment and an understanding for the first time ever of how to live a healthy lifestyle.

I managed to loose another stone and a bit over the following months, and even had a healthy christmas which saw me limiting my booze and even going for a 7k run on Boxing Day.

Things started to plateaux about 9 months later and I signed up to another one, a refresher just to make sure I didn’t slip back into bad habits. I lost 7lbs this time and was now smaller than I had been in years… A size 16. I was feeling incredibly fit now too, being able to run for 10k in close to an hour without too much effort. It was about this time that I started my running obsession, entering organized races with the friends I had made from FitFarms.

Whilst on holiday in Aiya Napa with a friend that summer I realised just how far I had come, comfortable on the beach in a bikini and not worrying about if I would fit in the seat on the plane.

A few months later I met my partner, and it wasn’t long before he moved in and my fitness and healthy regime went out the window. I am in no way blaming him, as it is my responsibility to keep myself in check not his… So inevitably I put weight back on, not a huge amount but enough to see that I didn’t like it.

I went back to FitFarms for a final time and really threw myself into it, I was one of the fittest members of the group this time despite the weight gain. I managed to loose 9lbs this time and was over the moon.

But a few months later I slipped back into old habits, so I tried a new bootcamp this time round, Bootcamp Beach in Bournemouth. It was completely different in so many ways, it was much more about fitness rather than weightloss and a bit less strict in terms of food intake, and what you got up to in the evenings. I lost 7lbs and was in fact the biggest looser.

Since then I have been on an all inclusive holiday, started a new job, developed an addiction to malteasers, and generally lost my way. So tomorrow marks the final attempt to use bootcamp to get back on track. I am so disappointed in myself, all that hard work. I can’t keep going through this.

I am going to work my arse off literally. And I aplogise in advance for giving you a blow by blow account of my week… It could get messy!!!!

  1. October 17, 2010

    Get your partner to get fit with you that’s a great way to keep the exercise going – make it part of your life and you’ll be able to eat as many maltesers as you want. 🙂 Good luck with the camp

  2. October 15, 2010

    And it was bloody great to meet you at Fitfarms and I was so lucky to have such a great roommate!!!!

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