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We all know someone inspirational from the running world, either in real life or vial social media, so this month I put the task of finding our Runner of the Month lady out to you guys, and you didn’t disappoint. The lady that was selected was found via her facebook page If Sarah Can Anyone Can and she was nominated by Jess Holt who she had bumped into at a couple of local races.

So lets find out all about 31 year old Sarah Whiteman from Wakefield

When did you start running and why? Started running last October as work were paying for its employees to do the half at Abbey Dash so I thought if loads of people at my work run, why not me?

Did you run a lot when you were younger? I never run before as I hated cross country at school 11164573_886713794705480_6605305930049568068_n

What do you love and hate about the sport of running? I love the reward of when I have run better, I find all of a sudden that I have improved, I hate about running is always feeling like I am slow, but I was told by a friend that if it take me longer to do something that I am put as much or more work into running as I am exercising for longer, and if you are running very fast you are having a talent and if you slower and learning to run you are trying your hardest at it.

How often do you run? I try to run about 3 to 4 time as week, once at Parkrun, once at beginners running club, and I’ve just joined Ackworth Road Runners who are a very supportive set of people.

What kind of distances do you run in training? I mainly do 5km but am working on improving this as i’m not the best at running on my own as I get easily distracted

Do you parkrun?  Yes I do Nostell Priory in Wakefield, it is an amazing place and I totally love it and have met some wonderful people who run it,  Georgina Newton and Pat Wood who made me feel welcome from day one, I use to be last but now I’m not as I got better, I have had people run with me to help get me my PB knocking 7 min off my time since new year, I wouldn’t have joined a running club if it hadn’t been for parkrun, I love the social side, I feel like I don’t have running friends but a running family, if that makes sense (of course it does)

Have you taken part in any races? Please tell us about them I have now done 10k one of which I came last at but I finished it and a half Marathon in march, 10 MILE obstacle course,10k obstacle course, throughout 2015 I am raising money for charity so every month I have a race booked. I often come last but I always think I am better than anyone on sofa at home and just keep looking forward for my medal. I am lucky that I often have friends and loads of other from my running club there cheering me on, I also got a bottle of wine at one race as a spot price for my sprint finish which made my day

Have you had any negative experiences whilst out running? No I am very lucky all I have had is support


What are your biggest fears about being a plus sized runner? I do worry as a bigger runner about potential damage to my body (anyone can run as long as you start off slowly) so thats why I have been trying to lose weight and get healthier, I have currently lost 4 ½ stone and I ‘m not sure I would have been able to run at my biggest, it’s all about confidence and building fitness. People thinking that because they are big they can’t run and also getting clothes which fit them, I hate ordering stuff online.

What is your ultimate running goal and what’s stopping you from getting there? Im training for 10k one per month. My second half marathon in September, obstacle course races, My aim for 2016 is a marathon and triathlon and 2017 is to do an ultra, nothing is going to stop me as I think I can do it however hard it is.

What’s more important to you and why? Frequency, running or distance of running? Just to improve and get better and be able to get personal bests for myself and not against others 17352772086_773a3786d3_o (1)

What would you say to other runners just starting out? Go to Parkrun, start run walking and then keep going, I haven’t use couch to 5km but I know loads of people who have so if you don’t feel ready go out do that until you feel confident

What have you learned about yourself through running? I guess I have found out how much determination I have got and even when it’s hard to continue my shape has change and Ive lost weight so it all works together and is worth it in the end.

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