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We have cut it a little fine this month, but as they say, save the best till last and all of that. Actually we have had some fabulous Runners of the Month in 2016…you can see them all here.

But this months winner is Jayne Hewlett from Taunton, Somerset, who became a bit of an internet sensation when she agreed we could use her photo to help promote our Countdown to Christmas challenge last month.

She really is a good sport.

When did you start running and why? 

I started running in 2010 when I did a 5k race for life with a friend.  We talked it (jog and walk) but enjoyed it so much that decided we wanted to do more so started training for Taunton half marathon 2011 where we managed to get round in 3hrs again by talking. That is where it began.jayne-hewlett-picture

Did you run a lot when you were younger?

No, I didn’t enjoy running when younger and tried to get out of it when I was at school. I wish that I had enjoyed it as it might not be so much of a struggle now.

What do you love and hate about the sport of running?

I love the freedom that I get and find it therapeutic mentally when I actually get out running.  The buzz at the end is a real feel good factor.  I hate the fact that I lose motivation so quickly these days.  Not sure if its an age thing but do get very tired so find it hard to actually get out the front door. Then it takes ages to get my breathing right so its very easy to give up.

How often do you run?   

I don’t run as often as I should!  In my head its would be 3-4 times a week but in reality its a little different. Struggle to get out x 1 weekly so having support from other like minded ladies is great.

Does Christmas and the run up to the big day effect how often you run?

Christmas etc most definitely affects how often I run. I’m even less motivated!

You are taking part in the Countdown to Christmas Challenge, what have you enjoyed the most about the challenge so far?

I like the support from everybody.  If I’m having a bad day, the other ladies are a great comfort. Each of us are working through our own demons so general support, daily challenges etc mean a lot.  Julie is an inspiration to us all and I like to watch her video clips. I’m learning to be kind to myself and try not to compare myself to others as we are all at different fitness levels.

What kind of distances do you run in training?

Distance wise is usually 5k.  If I sign up for a 10k or half (rare these days but do have a half planned for feb), then I will try and extend the distance 1-2k further each run.  I use the term run loosely as I usually talk.

Do you parkrun? 

I’ve done a few Parkrun’s in Taunton. It’s a nice run with lots of support.  Problem is I find that its too early for me at the weekend.  Enough early mornings during the week so I do like a rest at the weekend if I’m not working.

Have you had any negative experiences whilst out running?

A few shouts of “get a bike, you’ll go faster”  and sniggers from groups of youths but I just ignore them. I sometimes feel like I’m a blob when running and when I see photos I just see the fat, so this doesn’t help.

What is your ultimate running goal and what’s stopping you from getting there?

I would like to be able to run a half marathon in under 3 hours so really its down to me to get out there more and just run.  My motivation lets me down. I need to work on my staying power.  I took part in the Great North Run sept 2015. Was a very emotional experience as was raising funds for a charity dear to my heart. Was a long, hard, very hot day but a fantastic experience that I would repeat all over again if given chance.

I think Jayne is an absolute superstar and I am incredibly grateful for her participation in our programme.

The Countdown to Christmas challenge has been incredible this year, 230 women took part….and many of them have now come across to The Clubhouse which is our year round running club.

It is a fantastic time to join as we have so many exciting plans in the pipeline. So if you are looking for some support, accountability and inspiration, this is the place for you.

Sign up now and make 2017 your best year of running EVER!!!

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