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Another month, another wonderful lady to feature in our regular runner of the month section. 25 year old Amy Butterworth posted this incredible picture in The Clubhouse private Facebook page in September, and I simply knew she was the woman for the job this time round. so lets find out more about this incredible runner.  22053107_10210618406319872_1141379857_n


When did you start running and why? I started running back in 2014 when a instructor at a local fitness class I went to mentioned getting a group of ladies together to run a local 5k. When this unfortunately fell through I looked for another run as I was excited at the idea of doing something I have never done before. I booked it and set to working towards completing my first 5k. I started a couch to 5k programme as I hadn’t run any sorts of distance since PE at school. I wanted to prove to myself that I can do this and that nothing would stop me.

Did you run a lot when you were younger? No not really. The only time I ever did was during PE. I just didn’t find it something that I could do or enjoy for that matter.

What do you love and hate about the sport of running? I love that feeling and sense of achievement you get just by being out there and when you get that bit further. Running that bit longer. I love the fact there are likeminded people in the clubhouse that I can share my ups and downs with. Always there to offer all the experience and wise words they have! The one thing I hate about running is finding kit that fits! I have size nine feet. So finding trainers in that size is a challenge.

How often do you run? I try to go out at least 2-3 times a week.

What kind of distances do you run in training? I often do 5-10k runs. I find working towards a training plan works better for me and keeps me focused on my main goal.
Do you parkrun? (if so which one) Yes, Wolverhampton West Park

22092491_10210618406439875_154045403_oWe know you recently took part in a half marathon could you tell us about your experiences with training, motivation etc.

I ran the great north run this year and it was my first half marathon. This was a big task as the furthest I had ever run was 10k! I really enjoyed my training. The overwhelming feeling of pride I felt for every time i pushed myself further and went for longer. Knowing that I was running to raise money for a fabulous charity (Antony Nolan trust) and that I had the support from two friends and colleagues who were running as well. I loved the support from everyone in the clubhouse and as well as family and friends. I said when I crossed the finishing line at GNR k would never do another half marathon! Only took two days to register for another half in October!!

Have you had any negative experiences whilst out running? On a whole no. Other than snarky remarks from teenagers. I often get words of encouragement from strangers. This often gives me a boost I need when I’m struggling.

What are your biggest fears/concerns/hangups about being a plus sized? One of my fears is finishing when they have stated to pack away. For me if you want running to be open to all. That means having support for the first to the last runner crossing the finishing line.

What is your ultimate running goal and what is stopping you from getting there? My ultimate goal would either have to be the London marathon or Disney marathon! Nothing is stopping me! Knowing that I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

What’s more important to you and why? Frequency, running or distance of running? For me it’s getting my foot out the door and just going. Just getting out and enjoying it.

What are the biggest barriers for plus sized women? Not knowing where to begin from. I struggled to find information that catered for the plus size runner. Another big thing I feel is confidence and lack of support from likeminded people.

What would you say to other runners just starting out? Get the right trainers. Get gait tested and have the trainers that are right for your feet. Look after for feet they are your best friends

What have you learned about yourself through running?22016179_10210618410519977_1377654947_n I can do anything! I am strong and nothing can stop me from achieving my goals.

How has being a member of the Clubhouse helped you in any way, if so how? Being a clubhouse member has helped massively. When I’m struggling and lacking the motivation. I look at all of the fabulous members and I take my inspiration from each and every one of them. Because they are there to offer the support and guidance I need. Since joining the clubhouse I’ve achieved things I never thought I would, and for that I so grateful.

Join Amy, and 300+ other awesome female runners in The Clubhouse this month as we explore everything Marathon related…we will look at what it takes to undertake the training, how to tell if the race distance is right for you right now, and how to structure an awesome training plan that suits your life.

Find out more here.

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