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So we are almost there folks, the weekend that myself so many of my Clubhouse members look forward to each year. Whether they are running it, spectating at it, cheering at it…or simply watching it from afar, the London Marathon is a major celebration for us all.

My whole journey started back in 2005 with a desire to run the London Marathon at a point where I couldn’t even run to the top of my road. I went on to run the London Marathon in 2012 in 5 hour 50 minutes and 28 seconds and I have since gone on to support, encourage and inspire hundreds of women to run their own marathons…many choosing London as their marathon of choice.

We have 11 ladies from The Clubhouse taking part on Sunday, you can read about them in each of the links…

And a whole team of ladies manning our mile 10 cheering station, or tracking from around the world providing updates for the rest of the community.

There are lots of ladies wondering if they too could run a marathon next year? If it is possible to go from zero to hero in 12 months, and I say absolutely YES.

I had been running for about 4 years when I got my place for London, but I wasn’t at all consistent. The furthest I had run was a half marathon, and that almost killed me, and in January of 2012 I was back having to take walk breaks doing parkrun again.

12 months of good training though transformed my fitness and my confidence, and I ran London in the best shape of my life.

Many of our women have literally gone from exactly this point too. Its the goal that drives us to up the distance and do the unthinkable. But also going through the process with women just like you, women who know exactly what you are going through.

In a discussion about marathons last night in The Clubhouse Facebook page, I asked what role Too Fat to Run has played in the signing up for, training and completion of marathons…

Emma Jacques said,

The blog gave me the confidence and The Clubhouse gave me the motivation and support to train properly

Helen Grieves said,

Your big fat stupid goal theory got me to sign up to reading half, and now the London place is via Too Fat to Run which has already seen me run 2 marathons in training

Seeing you and Joanne on TV in 2015 running the London Marathon made me sign up and believe it is achievable for normal women,

Said Becky Harris.

Katharina Schmid said,

I never would have thought I could do a marathon. Never even would have considered it. Never in this life. On Sunday I will be doing my fifth 🙂 I blame TFTR 😉

I am so excited for Sunday now.

I know how much training this amazing women have put in, how much mindset work they have had to do to push past those fears about not being able to do it, the inappropriate comments they have had from friends and family, the sacrifices they have had to make.

It will 100% be worth it though.

The feeling of accomplishment after completing a marathon is like no other feeling, and thats stays with you for a lifetime. Nobody can take that away from you, EVER!!!

Each year Too Fat to Run gets 5 marathon places on behalf of the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund. These are awarded to Clubhouse Ladies, normally first time marathon runners. So if you would like to be considered then do sign up for The Clubhouse.

But even if you are successful in getting a ballot place or want to run for a different charity, you will find the love and support of our online running club invaluable as you train and prepare for the biggest challenge of your life.

Still worried about committing at this point? How about joining one of our 5K or 10K programmes which start in May? All of our online training programmes are on sale at the moment, up to 50% off.

Check them out here.

Good luck to all my ladies out there on Sunday. Enjoy every moment. Remember you deserve to be there and will be inspiring many others with every step of your run.

I will be handing out hugs at mile 10 and wishing I was running it with you


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