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Running is a multimillion pound industry….so anyone who tells you running is FREE is a fool…a fool I tell you.

But actually aside from all that commercial pressure to have all the latest stuff, I do think buying running kit and equipment to compliment your chosen hobby can actually help you feel better about all the miles you put in…or are going to put in over the next 12 months.

I don’t know about you but there is nothing quite like a new bit of new kit to get me planning my next run…and even better if I haven’t had to pay for it myself.

So in advance of Black Friday and the shopping frenzy that is Christmas I have drawn up a list of some of my top suggestions for gifts for runners (new to the sport or otherwise)

Feel free to forward this onto loved ones…or heck just treat yourself, as L’oreal says “Your worth it” or as Nike say “Just do it” or as I say, “If I paid with PayPal or bought it on my Credit Card it doesn’t count”

Hopefully you can find something for every pocket

Stocking Fillers under £15

  • Socks – We all like socks at Xmas right? And runners socks are even more exciting trust me. I love these from More Miles and for 2 pairs for £5.99 thats a bargain
  • Gels – You can never have too many of these knocking about. Pick up a pack in TKMax, or Aldi, or order online. These are the ones I use. But find a brand that work best for you.
  • Laces – Who doesn’t want a pair of LED light up laces? A great talking point, and a good safety measure too.
  • Nut Butter – I have just discovered The Nut Kitchens Hazelnut Butter…talk about yummy. I’m also a fan of Meridian nut butters which you can pick up in most supermarkets. All runners like nut butter right? Or is that just a myth???
  • HeadBuff – These are so versatile for us runners, I got my own Too Fat to Run? branded ones made. And for £14.99 with free delivery, it makes a great gift
  • Books – Now of course I am a little bias here as I have 6 running books on the market, but they are a great gift (not just mine…but please by one of mine ha ha) My latest “The Fat Girls Guide to Marathon Running” is getting great reviews…and even if it is used as a joke gift (as someone said it might) I don’t mind. A sale is a sale…plus once the recipient starts reading it won’t be a joke any more
  • A Running Magazine Subscription – Get the kindle version of Women’s Running for less than £10 a year..now thats a bargain

Nice little pick me up gifts up to £30

  • Pants – And no not the frilly kind. How about some Chaffree ones? I swear by these. They are worth every penny. Use discount code toofattorun2017 at the checkout
  • Leggings – Bring me ALL the leggings…we can never have too many, especially the funky patterned ones. But be warned all leggings were not born equal. Sturdy By Design are my all time favourite…and if you use discount code Run15 you can get 15% off…your welcome, you can thank me later…once you see how delicious they are to wear. The ones in the picture are from here…yes Xmas themed ones!!
  • A 31 Day Fitness Challenge – Yes, another one of mine the Countdown to Christmas…for £25 you can join a secret online community on Facebook with weekly fitness challenges, an accumulative mileage challenge, a bonus 2018 planning and goal setting series, and the chance to win more than £1000 of fitness prizes.
  • A TFTR Hoodie – Come on, you know you want to…show your support to the Too Fat to Run movement and be seen at events and out training in one of these gorgeous zip up hoodies which come in either pink or purple. I literally live in mine during the cold months.

Let’s blow the budget…what budget? gifts, £50+

  • Sportswatch – Check this Garmin out, over £100 off with Amazon Black Friday deals but only a couple of hours left to buy. I am a Garmin fan, couldn’t live without my VivoActive if asking for a sports watch for Xmas from a loved one, be absolutely specific on which one, or better still ask for the money and buy the one you know you want. This will be the best investment you ever make.
  • A pair of Trainers – These can get expensive so why not ask for them as a gift this year. I am a fan of these Asics, Salomon and Adidas all of which I have worn this year. Always where possible go and get your gait analysed, even if you then buy the shoes online.
  • A Clubhouse Membership, how does 365 days of support, advice, meet ups and money can’t buy opportunities from the Too Fat to Run community sound? Building in confidence and strength alongside a bunch of other women just like you? Working out at less than a posh cup of coffee a month, this is excellent value for money.
  • A running holiday – A place on my 2018 Health & Happiness Retreat…now we are talking. 7 nights on the Greek island of Rhodes learning to love exercise, and getting to set health and happiness goals alongside me, and Personal Trainer Sophie Kay and Kinesiologist Kerri Walker? Places are limited, so either book your deposit now…or drop me an email to discuss

Hopefully that has given you some ideas for gifts.

Have a good look around over the next few days to pick up those Black Friday Deals…or wait for the January Sales to spend all that xmas cash!!!

Happy shopping.

Remember ladies you don’t have to spend a fortune on running stuff, there are plenty of second hand selling sites which sell almost new stuff. Check out Kit That Fits Facebook Group where you can pick up some brilliant plus size bargains.

Please note some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means I might make a small amount if you buy. I have included only items which I personally have used, and never recommend products or services simply for a fee. Affiliate marketing is a way I monetise this blog and ensure I get paid each month…and can have a few xmas gifts myself.

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