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We all know how important nutrition is to our health, and also what a contributing factor it is to weight gain. Our relationships with food are established early in our lives and habits formed over time which are difficult to shift.

Throughout her 10 years of running Julie has also been on a journey of discovery when it comes to what she puts in her mouth. She has been on all kind of calorie controlled diets, and weightloss schemes involving the restriction of certain food groups but knows deep down that the only diet that works is a balanced one which involves real food.

Julie has recently started working with dietition Fiona Pring who specialisies in nutritional advice for health, wellbeing and performance to finally start dealing with her inconsistent diet. Fiona will be writing the occassional blog post on here and also offering group support over in The Clubhouse.

What you find below is simply a backlog of blog posts that deal with the issue of nutrition and food. So enjoy