Hey you guys.

It’s 6.30am here in East London, and I am at my desk cracking on with some work before the homeschooling of my 7-year-old Rose starts at 9am…we will be doing the Joe Wicks PE lesson first and then who knows ha ha

So ladies…

It is difficult to know what to write, what to do in such a crisis…to keep going with what you have always done? Providing inspiration, motivation and support to plus size women in sport…or to hide away and pretend this stuff isn’t important anymore.

It would be easier to do the second one.

When I set up the blog The Fat Girls Guide to Running ten years ago, I did so because I felt alone. I wanted to thrive not just survive in the world of running. And I’d like to think to some extent I’ve made a difference to others in this way.

Last week I proposed an idea for a concept I am calling Thive Inside…and I have a virtual meeting with two brilliant people this morning who are going to help me drive it forward.

More than 80 women have already signed up. (you can here too…it costs just £5)

We want to stay busy (well I do) and we want to be helpful.

So I have collated some resources you might find useful…in what I am calling My Survival Pack (just some things I am grateful to have at home while I am stuck inside)

Julie’s Survival Pack

A Journal…I have always written down my thoughts in times of crisis…like that whole year when that boy at 6th form never ever noticed me ha ha. Seriously though having somewhere to record and process your thoughts is brilliant for your mental health, and every Monday I am going to be doing a Mindset Monday video with some journal prompts….and good pens ha ha, if we have to write we need good pens. These are my fav

Huel…my sister recently broke her ankle and has not been able to get out to the shops for food, the few times I went to buy her some there wasn’t a lot to buy. I did, however, have a bag of Huel at home, and she has been having one of these in the morning alongside some of the tinned and processed foods I did manage to pick up. This has been my go-to post work out shake for a while (probably 2 years) and it is nutritionally sound…and reassuring to have in my cupboard…plus they deliver.

A Zoom Account…This is a piece of technology that allows you to speak to and see multiple people at one time, from anywhere in the world. I normally use this for my coaching clients, but recently I have used it for Friday night drinks with the girls, and a wonderfully loud and crazy Mothers Day conference call with 20 of my family members. You can get a free acount.

My Kettlebells…I first started using these when I was training for the London Marathon in 2012…ok so granted they often act as a door stopper in my front room, but if you only have a small space and a small amount of time to work out…these can be a lifesaver. We will be having kettlebell classes with a qualified instructor for sure in our Thrive Inside programme.

My Yoga Mat…I am not the most consistent with my yoga, but my 7 year old loves it. Check out Cosmic Kids on YouTube. She has her own mat, as do I…and sometimes I just lay on it and breathe. I am committing to improving my early morning or late evening yoga practice over the next few months.

A Kindle…I am a book lover and have bookshelves full of books. I probably don’t need to buy any more, but having a kindle makes me feel good as I can access them digitally should I need to. You can pick one up for £69.99 at the moment

My Top 10 Book Recommendations (Don’t judge me ha ha)

  1. How to talk so little kids will listen
  2. The Universe has Your Back
  3. Ruby Wax: How to be Human
  4. The Artists Way
  5. The Power of Now
  6. The Surrender Project
  7. Braving the Wilderness (My friend Brene Brown ha ha)
  8. Living a BIGGER Life (one of mine…is that allowed?)
  9. ANYTHING from these guys if homeschooling is already becoming a drag ha ha
  10. Something to get totally lost in…for me it’s Martina Cole books

Finding time to read and take your mind off things is so good for our mental health. You could also do a virtual book club to stay connected with friends….doesn’t even have to be that formal, just the occasional conversation about the books you are all reading.

Oh and check out Audible…they are making hundreds of kids stories free

Look guys.

I understand that there are some more pressing things at play in people’s lives right now. I am in no way trying to distract from or minimize any of that with a shopping list.

We are all just doing our best right now.

And we are all afraid of what the future holds…and thats OK.

Also, I want to say something about my current situation. I am a single parent that is the sole provider…I have nobody to bail me out. As it stands the government is offering no support to people like me. I don’t have premises, I don’t have staff, and I don’t pay myself a salary. I have no choice but to keep my business running. And my approach to this will remain what it has always been with this business…micropayments.

Ways you can support me?

Please do join my wonderful (And FREE) Facebook community where we are supporting each other to stay safe, strong and sane…with a lot of love and a touch of humor too.

This evening at 8pm we have the brilliant Dipti Solanki who is a qualified grief coach doing a live call to help us make sense of what we are all feeling…please come along, you’d be very welcome.

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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