Life…but not as we know it

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in more than 2 months.

Imagine that?

From the woman who used to write articles 3-4 times a week about her fitness shenanigans.

In part it’s because I haven’t had much to say recently, I haven’t been running so that is probably one of the reasons too.

But there is something else.

A fear perhaps. Fear of maybe saying something wrong. Contributing to the noise. Adding to the overwhelm. The last year has been difficult in so many ways.

Life in the UK appears to be going back to some new kind of normality, hairdressers and gyms are back open, parkrun is coming…people are starting to run together again.

And yet.

Sometimes nothing feels like it has changed.

I went back to CrossFit last week. This morning I did my first session of lifting in over a year.

Was it tough physically….for sure, but it is the emotions around it that are more difficult to navigate. Facing what has changed, knowing that it will take time to get back to myself.

I am hearing a lot of frustration, folks struggling to find their mojo…but guess what? I don’t think it is mojo…its not a lack of motivation, its not a lack of magic or a lucky charm.

I feel like the inertia, the resistance, the fear is a trauma response, and we need to be kind to ourselves, and perhaps not rely on the same tools that we have used before to get us back in the game.

For the past 2 and a half months, I have been running an experiment with 70 women, all about wellness, all about getting rid of the all-in or all-out mentality. It has been fascinating.

The biggest learning so far has been about getting rid of the shame and guilt of “Should be doing more” “Need to be doing more” “Should have cracked this already”

The shame adds to the overwhelm and makes it difficult to truly assess what is going on or how to get out of it.

So what do we do?

  1. We think about what we desire
  2. We make small frequent steps towards that thing
  3. We let got of shame and/or expectation about what we should or could be doing

The other thing you might want to consider is checking back into any online communities you are a part of that make you feel good, and deleting yourself/leaving any communities that make you feel less than.

If you are looking for a little bit of extra support I am running a 31 day challenge in May.

  • NO Judgement
  • NO Weight or size change goals
  • NO Mandatory
  • NO Dieting


  • As simple structure for trying new things each day
  • A pop up FB community for accountability
  • Weekly yoga/flexibility/flow sessions
  • Prizes

With a focus on refinding your life force…the energy required to fuel your life moving forward.

We start on the 1st May

Check it out here

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