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The single most annoying thing about being a plus sized runner is not being able to find good running kit that fits. This is not just on par to the general issue of being overweight and not being able to wear the clothes you want, this is about the fact that most sports wear brands do not go larger than a UK size 18 or an XL.

The average women in the UK is a size 16…you can pick up a size 6 pair of running tights in most highstreet stores so logic would say you should be able to go to the other end of the scale and find a size 26 on the rack…we all know that you cannot.

So why is this so important?


  • The FAT pound – We have money to spend, we want to buy technical kit, we are willing to pay for it but we don’t want to be fobbed off with low quality leisurewear. There is a huge market of overweight ladies out there in the world a market that you are missing out on.
  • Social Responsibility – The problem of inactivity and obesity in the world is getting worse, in the UK almost two thirds of women are overweight or obese. This problem is not going to go away unless things change. We want these ladies to get fit and become more active yet they cannot walk into a high street stores and find decent kit to buy. Big brands are basically saying that their clothes are not for them.
  • Inclusion – Buying running clothes is one of the important perks of this sport. Rewarding yourself with nice new kit every few months is part and parcel of your running journey. Plus sized runners often have to buy mens clothes, or put up with dark colors and non-technical leisurewear. This is simply not fair and makes us feel excluded.

How can you help?

For a start, do not be scared to go into your local running shop and ask them about plus sizes even if you know they do not cater for you. Enquire as to why they do not stock them and if they could ask their suppliers about the possibility of considering larger runners in the future.

If you are passionate about this issue you could boycott the worst offenders, companies that only cater for the super slim, even if you are buying goods for your teenage children or friends you are supporting corporate companies who do not care about you!

If you are a sports wear brand

I would love to speak to you about these issues in a bold non-judgmental way to find some solutions. I’m guessing there are some companies that do go larger than a UK 18 out there that I am missing.

And to event organisers?

Just take a minute to look at the back end of your races and the hundreds of women (and men) that are having to squeeze into your XL technical t-shirts, making them feel uncomfortable and self conscious. We pay the same entry fee as everyone else so why can we not get a tshirt that fits and does its job

What about our clothing range?

Icon 3A real practical way of getting this message out to the masses and supporting the Kit That Fits Campaign is buying one of our “Too Fat to Run” t-shirts and hoodies available from our online shop. We are about to start stocking techincal running vests in some sizes.

Frustratingly though we are not able to find a UK supplier to provide technical apparel in large sizes and to get items manufactured we would have to order in significant quantities.

This is most definitely the plan for the future and we are busy working on a crowd funding campaign to get this underway. But in the meantime the bright colors and the provocative slogan help to establish the brand and raise the profile of our mission.

Do not feel embarrassed about asking for clothes in your size, unless we speak out, people in the fashion and sports industries do not know we exist. Please get in touch and tell us about the brands you love that do cater for larger ladies.

We will happily review your products and promote them to my ladies…although we are always very honest about the kit.

But do get in touch to find out more about these opportunities.

Are there any brands/products you love?

Funny you should say that. Over the years I have been sent lots of kit to review (check out the clothes category in the blog), but for me to actively promote a product to my followers I have to ABSOLUTELY believe in it, and it has to be a bit of kit that I wear myself. So you will see in the side bar that there are a number of products that I am an affiliate with, these are 100% items that I wear and think do the job. So check them out, and remember when you buy one of their products you are also supporting the “Too Fat to Run” campaign too!!