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So I should have written this post last week but what with everything that’s been going on I barely found the time, besides I was considering a second visit to check out a different type of session offered by BMF but it didn’t happen.

So what exactly am I talking about?

British Military Fitness of course.

I am not new to this fitness epidemic, described as the nations biggest and best loved outdoor fitness class, in fact prior to finding my love for running (oh and of course becoming a mum) I had a monthly BMF membership and could often (well ok not that often) be found in Victoria Park in my blue vest, running around looking like I was going to die.

So what is it?

Well basically its an hour of tough exercise but cleverly delivered under the guise of joyous fun and games, and led by cheeky chappy instructors who despite wanting to kick them where it hurts them they do make you laugh and motivate you to try hard. I had gone down to Shoreditch Park to try out a daytime session to see if it could aid my marathon training, up my aerobic fitness and shift some of my spare tyre. Not sure if it did any of that but I sure as hell got a work out.



I met my instructor by his van and donned my blue vest to show that I was the least capable, with reds and blues being fitter and more capable of handling greater levels of punishment…but actually it doesn’t feel like that at all. There is a real group ethos, and everyone just gets stuck in.

Now this session was on a Tuesday, just 2 days after my 13 hills in 13 miles half marathon, so not the best planning on my part, but I did what I could and smiled for the camera. In fact I found myself smiling and laughing a lot…sometimes I must admit at the instructors catch phrases.

My cardio fitness is rubbish, as you know I am a plodder…and I have done very little high intensity stuff since my Tough Mudder Training last Summer…so some of this brought back those memories…and actually BMF organise something called the Major series, which I am considering putting a group together for so watch this space.


Higher, Higher

The session flew by, and I pushed as hard as my legs and lungs would allow. Then for the finale…a game off…erm…I’m not sure what it was called but I do know it involved a ball, some goal areas and lots of running around. At first the blokes all got stuck in and I just danced around trying to look like I was a team player…and then with only a few minutes to go and a one all score board I saw my chance to shine. Nobody was marking our goal area…I guess I didn’t look that much of a threat to I screamed “Over ere” and low and behold the ball arrived in my arms…but my glory didn’t last for long as a group of men bundled on top of me to get it back.

Lets just say what I lack in speed and agility I more than make up for in determination and the ability to not let go of a ball, even with a pile of sweaty bodies on top of me. I have never been that up and personal to a group of men I’ve just met since Aiya Napa 2000 (but that’s a story for another time).


Yep thats me under there

Eventually, the huddle of bodies dissipated and a team mate retrieved the ball and it made its way to the goal…and I got to my feet, restoring my dignity and brushed myself down. I was victorious….just so happens I am a fitness blogger…it wasn’t staged at all I swear.

On the way home I thought about how scared I might have been coming to a session like this before I started writing my blog, indeed how scared I was the first time I started BMF…that time I went with a friend so we shared the fear…but that fear is quite culpable…its the fear of looking silly, the fear of not knowing how it all works…but mainly its the fear of not being able to keep up and it being bleedin hard work.

But you know me…feel the fear and do it anyway, I mean what have you got to lose other than a few pounds and of course your dignity running around red-faced in a public place. The thing is nobody cares, not the other people doing it, not the park users who are used to this weekly madness and neither should you.

For more information about how it all works and to find out where your nearest site is check this out.

Please note I have received no payment for this review but did get the session for FREE. Look out in future months for a social media competition to win yourself a FREE membership and a place on the Majors Series.

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