its not really starting over is it?

I went back to Crossfit last week, just like Rose (my now 8 year old) went back to swimming lessons.

I tanked.

She sunk.

We both laughed about it.

She went back again yesterday and reported after her 30-minute session there has been some progress, and she’s now in the right ability group now, and so enjoyed it much more.

I scaled my workout on Sunday, and I managed a range of movement I couldn’t do the week before, so although there is no major overnight improvement of my fitness…it’s still bloody hard, I can feel myself gaining confidence.

Going back to sport and movement is hard.

Physically, and emotionally.

I have been known to cry at CrossFit before all of this stuff, but now those wells of emotion come thick and fast.

But I will still keep going back.


Because I feel strong when I train. I feel capable. I feel connected to my body. I appreciate what it can do, not what it can’t.

I love training with others. I work harder. I feel motivated to keep going.

Well, most of the time.

Plus it’s important for my Re-Peopleing plans lol

Today I went to my gym for a Body Composition Analysis. I felt akward and a little bit anxious as I am easily the most overweight person at my box…however, this is a baseline. It helps me to understand my own body. It helps me to set fitness, flexibility and yes weight goals.

That might be uncomfortable reading for some, and I apologise and want you to know my goals don’t have to be your goals. We get to decide.

At the weekend I am heading to the coast, where I hope to sea swim. I also aim to do my 5K for the Scream if You Want to Run programme which culminates this week.

I’ve had a full-on 4 months with work and parenting….this weekend break is another step towards coming back to myself.

On Friday I will open the doors to my new challenge.

May the Force be with You is a 31-day adventure, to refind the life force within.

Sounds a bit woo…but basically, it’s sweat, stretch and smile more every day (or as much as feels good)…and do it in a way that feels achievable and safe, with some friends to cheer you on.

40 women have said YES and I simply can not wait

The premise is simple.

When we do things together they feel easier.

When we see others struggle AND succeed it helps us to make sense of our own journeys.

It is the power of community.

A friend asked me a few days ago if I would run the 2022 London Marathon with her and I said,

“My Marathon Days Are Long Gone”

But there is just a small part of me that thinks…

“Maybe just one more?”

But for now, I am accepting where I am.

I am setting achievable goals that add to my life rather than add drama or trauma to it, and I am feeling grateful that I am alive and taking tangible steps towards my health and happiness.

Sending so much love your way right now.

Who knows, maybe with some running goals ahead of me, I might avtually have something to write about again on this blog. Can you believe it…I have written 5 blogs this year…I sometimes used to write 5 in a week ha ha

It’s not about looking back though, this is about looking forward

Who’s with me?

Our May Challenge opens it’s doors on Friday and runs throughout May in a special pop up group. Check out the details here.



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