I wore shorts...and nobody died

I was up at 7am this morning to fit in a CrossFit session before I cracked on with the day.

My running has been nonexistent recently, but I have been cycling and doing Crossfit Conditioning pretty regularly the last few weeks…although I had to leave a session early last week due to the heat. Today I was OK…because guess what? I wore shorts!!!!

Now I am not going to lie, I don’t love wearing shorts to run…mainly because of chaffing and ride-age, but I also kinda like wearing them as a fingers up to all that think larger (and older) women shouldn’t show their legs.

I have seen the #weartheshorts campaign all over Instagram…and so this morning I thought fuck it and dug out a simple pair of grey shorts that I actually bought for cycling.

I wore them.

My workout was awesome.

I didn’t overheat.

And nobody died.

True story.

So I thought I would pull together a list of places you can find plus-size shorts to get you thinking about the possibility of embracing them.

Sturdy By Design – I have a few pairs of these, I also have a pair with a mesh over lay, but they are a little tight on me.

Sainsbury’s – I picked up a cool double-layer pair from Sainsbury’s yesterday for £14, can’t go wrong with that right?

Lucy Locket Loves – Are a popular brand in my community, I have a cool pair of leggings from this brand but not shorts…maybe they will send me a pair to review lol Find out more here

Tikiboo – Another fav with my clients…and one I haven’t tried yet either (so many brands so little time lol) Check them out here

Flanci is a brand I didn’t know about until today when someone recommended them, so go check them out

Or you can buy the same cheap and cheerful pairs as me from Amazon

Black Long with pockets

Grey Short (as seen at my Crossfit Box this morning)

Same but in purple (I actually love these)

Oh, and if you have problems with Chaffing, a bit of deodorant stick can often prevent the rubbing.

And one more thing….a headbuff, so useful in the heat for so many reasons. Check out my TFTR ones here

Keep cool, keep calm, wear the damn shorts

By the way, I do not currently have a sponsorship arrangement with any of these brands. I do however get a small affiliate fee for products bought from Amazon.

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