How to choose the right fitness planner for you

I love a planner.

I love planning.

What I don’t love is buying planners that are not a good fit for me…and trust me I have spent a small fortune on them.

Which is why this year I decided to create my own. And in this blog I am going to share some of its features to help you decide if it is the right kind of planner for you

Firstly…why even bother with a planner?

Here’s why…

If you fail to plan you plan to fail…some bright spark said that a few hundred years ao and they were probably right.

As women we are busy, and not only that we have competing priorities AND are incredibly skilled at forgetting (or ignoring) the things we say are important to us.

In January there is such a BIG focus on setting goals and resolutions, but actually what we need is a tool to keep on track of those intentions, to learn lessons.

So here are the features I was sure to include,

Metrics that matter

A lot of the mainstream planners that are on the market have an area for you to write down your vital stats. But here is the thing. What if you don’t want to measure your weight, or your BMI, or even how many miles you have covered?

What if you’d prefer to track how many sessions you have completed, or how your confidence has improved, or how much more flexible you are?

My planner has some suggested things to measure aside from body composition changes…and leaves some room for you to include your own. Even thinking about what matters will help you win more.

Monthly Intention Setting

As the year progresses you will know that some months you want different things, you have different priorities, maybe your body or your emotions are going through some things which need to be included in your planning. Each month my planner asks you to think this stuff through.

Monthly Lessons & Observations

And yes there is no point in setting targets or intentions if you are not going to measure A) whether you achieved them and B) what any of the important lessons/observations were from that month.

This is where we get to adapt and tweak and try new strategies when things need adjusting

Qualitative and Quantitative Review each week

It makes sense to measure things that have a binary result like did I train 3 times this week and sometimes it is more helpful to measure how you felt about your training…this planner has space for both of these each week. 

A space to reflect more broadly

Not a fan of journaling? I know it can be hard to get into, but the space is there to share with yourself any thoughts you have about your evolving relationship with your body…perhaps to make a note of anything useful you heard or learned, or maybe to practice using kinder language.

Mid & Full Year reviews

A place to make sense of what has gone down across the whole of the year, and a chance mid way to reassess your goals.

Further resources

Not only have I included links to resources women might find helpful for their wellbeing journey, but also some additional printable planners which can be pinned to your fridge and cross-referenced with your planner.

Oh and finally, I have added the all important community element. With more than 100 women already having picked up their copy…and a FREE complimentary goal setting challenge happening in early January…keeping each other accountable and sharing our wins is going to make this a planner that actually gets used, and not just hidden on your bookshelf.

So grab your copy NOW.

Seriously though, before buying any planner this year, think about whether this is going to help or hinder you, is this going to encourage you to do what you can or make you feel shit that you are not doing what the Instagram fitness gurus are doing?

Can’t wait to see this planner being used by community over the next 12 months.

I am already starting to make notes in mine.

Grab your copy here

And I am still collecting selfies of women with their planners once they arrive so do keep posting them in the Facebook group x

Oh and btw…

If Amazon doesn’t sell the planner in your country, you can purchase one of a limited number of signed copies here, and I will cover the postage. Please allow 10-14 working days for it to arrive. 

I want to finish up by saying, this time of year is notoriously difficult. Navigating all of the New Year, New You rhetoric…and the deluge of marketing around losing weight or starting a new body transformation journey.
There is nothing wrong with using the new year, or a new month, or a new day to set new goals and intentions…but do this on your terms, and always within the wider context of wellbeing…including that of your mental health and self esteem.
Love Always

Hoping that 2023 is a year of improved health and happiness?

I have just the right thing.


  • Get clear on your goals
  • Make commitments to yourself 
  • Measure your progress
  • Reflect on your successes
  • Be part of the nobody left behind movement

The first 100 copies are in full colour, and you will be invited to a FREE goal setting workshop in January.

Grab your limited edition launch copy here


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