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Now that is not a phase I imagined I would be saying.

“No more Marathons” is what I said just 60 or so days ago. “I’m done”

My last blog post was all about how I’d lost my mojo, how I was struggling to get out the front door for a run…just not feeling it.

And then.

At 11pm on Sunday night I get an email from the London Marathon, offering those runners who took longer than 7 hours a place in the 2020 event by way of apology for the stuff which went on at the back of the event.

Now let’s be clear here.

My marathon wasn’t affected hugely. Yes I almost got run over by a slightly too eager bus driver, and yes there were a bunch of contractors that I could swear were taking the piss out of me as I went past.

But my event (personally) wasn’t ruined by anything (other than my lack of training, and the blisters which plagued me from about mile 9)

However I know that for a lot of women at the back they didn’t have it so easy.

Anyhow…it is what it is and I am 100% up for going again.

Especially as 2020 marks 10 years of The Fat Girls Guide to Running. A bloody decade…imagine that???

So I’m forming a team.

A team of awesome runners who really do want to run the event.

I’m looking for women who are ready to take on the challenge of a lifetime.

Who are ready to train.

Who are ready for a lifestyle change.

Who are ready to face who they really are, and go beyond where you think you can go.

And to do it as part of a team.

I have been supporting and coaching first time marathon runners since 2013 when I set up the “Fattymustrun marathon challenge” on Twitter…where I recruited 14 ladies from across the globe to run their first marathon.

I have since run training groups for more than 150 runners…as well as writing a best selling book on the subject, “The Fat Girls Guide to Marathon Running” which has helped thousands of women prepare for their marathon.

The 2020 event will be my 6th full marathon in 8 years, as well as having run more than 40 half marathons, a 40 mile ultra marathon, Triathlons, Tough Mudders and all kinds of smaller events.

I know a thing or two about training for a BIG event.

So what do you say?

Fancy joining us?

So there are 3 main ways to join our 2020 TFTR team

  1. If you already have a place either through deferring, a charity place, or one of these apology places
  2. If you are in the ballot…and are willing to look at other options if you should not get through
  3. If you are interested in one of the 5 charity places I normally have via the Ron Pickering Fund (There is a £1000 fundraising target…and we will do an internal ballot in October)

Training takes place in our 2020 Marathon Training Group in the Too Fat to Run Community App, with weekly training plans, weekly Q&A chats, a monthly live coaching call, plus support from other instructors, physios and experts.

It costs $6 per month to be in the app.

You will also have FREE access to all of the other resources in the app including, training templates, and our other FREE courses including 5 weeks to 5K, and 10K your Way…everything you could possibly need while building up to the marathon distance.

You do not need to be in London (where I am) or in the UK, to take part in this…and we do not discriminate when it comes to size, as long as you believe in the ethos that nobody should be left behind in sport, and are willing to be a TFTR ambassador we will welcome you.

The training group though is for anyone who identifies as a woman….sorry guys.

In the Spring we will also be looking to do some in person training events and a photoshoot to help promote our Too Fat to Run Team.

I will be running a FREE webinar via our Facebook group on Thursday 18th at 8pm with regards to our growing Marathon Team

But feel free to join now and meet the other women already in the team.

Join up here

The app is called Mighty Networks, and we are the Too Fat to Run community.

We already have a thriving group of women training for all kinds of distances. Within the app you will also find special interest groups for things like mental health, cross training, the injury bench.

Plus you can see who is local to you, and arrange in person meet ups for training or parkruns.

The accountability and support is great, and because its not on Facebook you won’t be bombarded with notifications and end up down a rabbit hole of social media hell.

Come join us.

So many exciting things in the pipeline for Too Fat to Run, so whether you have plans to run a marathon next year or not, you really should be part of our ten year anniversary.

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