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I have been writing about being a plus-size runner for a whole decade, but you do know I had a life before TFTR right?

I spent 10+ years prior to setting up my blog working as a drama facilitator, community engagement specialist, volunteer coordinator, trainer and consultant.

I like people, and I like nothing better than bringing them together in groups.

I didn’t see it at the start though.

When I first started out in the running world I couldn’t think of anything worse than having to run with others, in fact, it took me 4 or 5 years and an upcoming marathon to force me to join a traditional running club…and even then I was always at the back so mainly run with one or two of the coaches.

Group running is still not a thing I love…it’s funny because I love races, but training runs, I always feel this pressure to keep up, and I can barely breathe most of the time let alone hold a conversation too.

There is also the argument that it is safer for women to run in groups, especially at night or in quiet areas…can’t believe we still have to consider that bullshit but we do, but I’m still a bit of a lone shark…maybe in part because I run at weird times now and rarely get a chance to get to organised running sessions.

There is most definitely strength in numbers though.

I knew back in 2010 when I started writing my blog that I was fed up of not having anyone to talk about my running with, nobody to ask silly questions with, nobody to share notes and get excited about races with.

And so I built a community.

My community has always been a broad church. We have women of all shapes and sizes, from all over the world. Women of all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. Gay women, straight women, trans women. Women with chronic illness, mental health challenges…and women of all abilities, beginners, improvers, old-timers…those training for 5Ks, half-marathons, and ultras.

It shouldn’t work but it does…because we share the same values of community, non-judgement, and empowerment…and we are now 1200 strong….and my beginners programme just signed up 525 women this month. If you haven’t joined my inclusive running community head over there now

Here’s the thing I really want to talk about though.

I’m good at building communities, it’s what I’ve been doing my whole life…and now more than ever we want to find places to belong. Places we feel like we fit in, places where we can feel safe being who we really are.

I also know that this skill isn’t a skill we all have…some of this doesn’t come naturally. There are some wonderful personal trainers, coaches and experts out there who have incredible expertise, and passion for the things they do, but they struggle to get the traction, they struggle to get enough clients, make enough money, or help the number of people they could…and I want to share my expertise around this….because their work is important for the world.

So tomorrow at 2pm I am running a FREE webinar called “Ready to go One to Many?” talking about how I build communities in my business, and how the decision to work one to many rather than one to one was the BEST decision EVER!!!

You may be a runner, and not have any interest in my business, but you may know someone who is perfect for this. So if you know any personal trainers, run leaders, coaches or business owners (this system works for most niches)

Send them this link PS…this won’t be about fitness programmes only, but any kind of group coaching.

I am so humbled by what I’ve been able to build through knowing the importance of community, and helping people feel less alone xxx

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