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One of the most frustrating aspects of running is that it doesn’t take long to go from being on top form to feeling like you are starting from scratch again.

Like seriously.

Sometimes I go out for a run and I’m like WTF??? Like those 5 marathon’s I’ve run are actually a figment of my imagination.

I’m not sure how it is for others but my fitness and appetite for running can disappear in a matter of weeks, but luckily for me I can get it back in a matter of weeks too.

So that’s where I am now.

I did the London Marathon in April and then didn’t really do much running, until I realised I had a place for the London Triathlon like 6 weeks later or so…but even then I focussed mainly on my swim and bike legs.

When I got the news I would be running the London Marathon in 2020 I must admit I had a brief moment of “oh no not again”, but then I realised 2020 will mark 10 years of The Fat Girls Guide to Running…how could I not go out with a bang??

So I am back training.

I went out for a run two weeks ago, and did a 5K baseline to see where I was at. I actually felt good. There was some walking, and my speed wasn’t great…but I enjoyed it…and that’s the big thing. My 5K was done in 42.35

I headed back to running track last week Monday, and did a stonker of a session…again I felt good.

But it’s keeping this momentum up which sometimes proves problematic.

So yesterday to build on this new start, I took part in a local 5K and I was super nervous. For a start, it was tipping it down all morning, and secondly, I hadn’t seen the members of the traditional running club I belong to for months…and I hate to be that flakey person who only shows up when she needs something.

But thats the thing.

When I’m marathon training I need the accountability, and I need the speed incentive of running with a club.

At yesterdays race, just having marshals and spectators on the course that I knew meant I didn’t walk. That was my goal. Run as fast as I could just don’t walk.

I felt strong. But I was working hard.

On the second lap I realised I was close to 40 minutes, and ahead of me was a guy who looked like he was slowing, so I decided to see if I could catch him.

It was a hard slog, but I managed to and I took him on the line. (which felt a bit mean)

My time was 38.13…a time I haven’t managed since this time last year

So do I really feel like I am starting over again?

No, not really.

Because even if we are starting the training process over again, we never start from scratch because we are always evolving as athletes, we bring with us a better understanding of ourselves.

And each time we build back up we have more knowledge and experience.

So don’t think about starting over again or being back at the beginning.

Think of it instead as a new training campaign, which uses the experience of the ones which came before.

Put a plan of action in place, in fact, download one of my free planners and actually commit your running schedule to paper.

Keep that positive mindset and there is no reason that you can’t come back stronger than before.

We are starting a new challenge over in the Too Fat to Run community today, its called No Tricks, Just Treats and it’s a do something everyday accountability challenge.

Come join us.

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