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Are you already thinking about what you might achieve next year?

In your running?

In your career?

In your relationships?

Do you allow yourself to dream about the things you want? Or do you hold them in because it’s too scary to admit to them? Or simply easier to keep them to yourself in case you don’t achieve them?

The thing is…dreams, ambitions, goals…are so much more powerful when you commit them to paper and then share them with others.


If I’d never committed my goal of running a marathon to paper (or to this blog) I would NEVER, and I do mean this NEVER have got round to training for and running one. It was the biggest lesson I learned. If I wanted stuff to happen I had to

  1. Admit I wanted it
  2. Write it down
  3. Share the goal as widely as possible with others

And then somehow it happened.

So to make this all easier for you…I am encouraging women from my community to get all excited about sharing their running and non-running related goals, and here’s how.

FREE Running Planner Templates

Use these completely FREE downloadable PDF’s to help you focus on your running goals. With an Annual Planner, 12-week Training Planner, and a Monthly Planner, you have everything you need to plot out the exercise you wish to do in 2019. Click Here for the Downloads Print these out, fill them in and share them on social media using the #toofattorun and #iblamejulie hashtags.

Affordable Vision Boarding Course

I run a 6 month life coaching programme called Living a Bigger Life which helps women work on their big life goals, however, I know not everyone can a) afford this or b) find the time to commit to it, so instead I have developed a much more affordable and more compact version of this called Dare to Dream, and despite it really being a self study course, I will commit to running a live version of this each January to help women with their plans for the year. The course costs just £47 but if you sign up before the 1st Jan you can get it with 50% off. Sign up here

Social Media Accountability

We know that doing exercise with others makes you more accountable. But not all of us likes sweating it out in person with other real-life people, which is where The Clubhouse my online running club comes into its own. Not ready for a monthly subscription yet? then why not test out how my online programmes work for just £5…YES you read that right FIVE POUNDS. My 5 weeks to 5K programme is perfect for women just starting out or returning to running after a break. It takes place in a closed Facebook group with coaching videos and a whole heap of support. Sign up here before 7th January for the discount

January is always my busiest time for enquiries, but I also know it isn’t always the easiest time to start new things, especially if you try to do them by yourself. Don’t go it alone… let’s ease our way into the year by allowing our self to dream about what a brilliant 12 months we are going to have…and start off slowly

Whatever you do tomorrow, have a wonderful day…and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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