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Oh how I miss those early morning wake up calls,
Standing in two ranks in the cold and darkness awaiting instruction
Running in unison down to the seafront not knowing what lay ahead

Oh how I miss the zig zags, that seemed to never end
And the stairs of doom that hurt regardless of how you climbed them
An hour of exercise before breakfast, who would have guessed it

Oh how I miss not wearing my watch
Knowing that snack time, meant at least another 90 minutes to go
And that final stomp up the hill to get back to the hotel

Oh how I miss slipping into bed fully dressed after lunch
I know it’s only half an hour, but I need it
Slipping my shoes back on with minutes to spare

Oh how I miss sitting down to eat with everyone else
No complaints about the food, just eat what your given
Well apart from the burnt porridge…I was hungry, but not that hungry

Oh how I miss sand in my trainers, making my toes bunch up
Feeling damp and smelly for hours on end
And the feeling of joy once the day was over

Oh how I miss being screamed and shouted at
That familiar phrase “there’s no such word as can’t”
Pushing myself further than I had before

Bootcamp was the hardest thing I’ve ever done
Or so I thought
Being at home with nobody to push me
Well that’s quite challenging too

See ya soon Bootcamp…Luv ya!!!!

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