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You know they say running is supposed to be free…well that’s bullshit, it ain’t and it can become a bit of an addictive shopping habit (oh well)

So here are some ideas for gifts or treats at a range of price points…with a few black Friday deals thrown in for good measure.

Stocking Fillers

Socks – Who doesn’t like socks for Xmas? I’ve heard good things about this Danish Brand, and have just ordered some to test out.

Pants – Don’t wear them when I run, so you’ll have to do with suggestions for anti-chaffing gel (apparently this is the bees knees for delicate areas) and magnesium salts instead

Hat – This fun flashing light hat will keep you warm and seen…double whammy…and it’s in the sale.

Gels – These SIS Gels are a real bargain at 52% off as part of Amazons Black Friday deals, especially useful if you are marathon training.

Supplements – These Solgar 7s are a bit pricy, but I swear by them. I hate to think what my joints would be like without them. I also use this Tumeric Blend in my daily smoothie…much nicer than in tablet form somehow.

Books – Check out the top 100 running books on Amazon…you will find a few of mine in the top 20 #justsaying ha ha. Did you know my book “Slouch to 10K” was the first thing I ever sold via this blog? I made £300 in the first weekend it went live….wooohhhoooo…the later books are much better btw!!!

Cos you’re worth it

Bra – Gutted they don’t go up to my size on this deal, but if you are smaller in the bossom department you might pick up a bargain with this Shock Absorber Bra. Although I swear down…these beauties are lovely…the most comfortable bra…I don’t want to wear anything else these days. I ordered the bright pack of these to wear for yoga etc…and I’ve just ordered another set

Suitcase – Now I didn’t think I’d be suggesting one of these cases, but this is the brand I use for all of my weekends away, and it’s heavily discounted. I used this suitcase as carry on last year when I did the New York Marathon…yep 5 days of clothes including race stuff…you can say I’m a bit of a pro packer.

Kindle – Amazon are doing £15 off all their kindle readers. Just think how many running books you could store on there? You could download my ones for a start…did you know my Fat Girls Guide to Marathon Running is still in the top 10 running books (number 3 at time of writing this) even though it came out more than 2 years ago.

Last of the big spenders

Sports Watch – Everything changed for me in my running when I bought my first sports watch. This Garmin has 33% off which isn’t bad…and if you are on the look out for more of a tracker, check out this Fitbit Versa with 36% off RPP

Join me in Limmossol for a race weekend – Looking for something a little more adventurous? A bunch of us are heading to Cyprus for a weekend in March to do a bit of running…book your race place here. There is a 70% discount if you bring a friend.

The ultimate bit of running kit – This ProForm running machine has a whopping £300+ off the RRP, making this a very affordable way of acquiring a running machine

My Black Friday Deals

  1. Buy One Get One Free – On my Countdown to Xmas Challenge which starts on the 1st December. Buy one place and I’ll send you a code to let your bestie in for FREE. Join over 100 women on this crazy fitness and fun 31 days challenge. Sign up here
  2. £500 quid off – My Tribe Builder Business Coaching Programme. Over a 6 month period let me teach you how to grow an engaged community around your business. Check it out here

Hope you manage to pick up some bargains…I may well do another Xmas guide closer to the big day.

Do think about joining my Xmas Challenge which starts on Sunday 1st…we are going to have a blast…if you’ve never done one of my online programmes you don’t know what you are missing.

Please note – Many of the links in this piece are affiliate links, as an Amazon affiliate I may get a small fee if you buy but at no extra cost to you…this will help me make some Xmas purchase of my own this year too. So thank you.

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