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Did you know we have our very own app?

Well its hosted via an american company called Mighty Networks, but unlike Facebook it is actually our own private little group, which means when you join this community you actually see everything which is posted AND there are no adverts.

Its glorious.

Anyway, you don’t want to know about the technicalities of the app, you want to know why you should join it right?

I first started running online programmes in September 2014…my first one was called Bish Bash Bosh and was all about accountability, that evolved into The Clubhouse which has been the online running club that has had around 1000 members over the last 5 years.

The thing is the running world has moved on since I set up The Clubhouse, and now thankfully there are lots of places where women can hang out and talk about running…there are some great groups.

But here’s the thing…The Clubhouse was never just a facebook group, it is more like a family…where support is given, both in a running and a life context.

It is non judgemental even though we have women from a diverse set of backgrounds, with differing views on the world.

The Clubhouse has seen all manor of highs and lows, with women supporting each other in ways I can’t even share in a blog post. But I realised a few months ago that we needed to shake things up a bit…oh and I wanted to take my groups off of Facebook.

More and more women were leaving because they just didn’t want to be on Facebook and that platform didn’t give me the capability to do much of the stuff I wanted to do.

Plus I was running up to 10 different groups at any one time….with my 5 weeks to 5K, Scream if you want to run faster, dare to dream, for the love of running, kit that fits…and my infamous Xmas Challenge.

I also think my reliance on Facebook has actually stopping the growth of the business, as it is just seen as some little online thing.

We ran a pilot in Barking & Dagenham last year and got 1000 women running in a local area, without the reliance of social media…those women loved the face to face interaction, and the regular sessions we put on….and I want to do more of this.

We are not some little online thing.

I am done with Fucking about on Facebook (have you seen the video I made about this recently, you should watch it…its kinda good?)

I want to create more tangible and real opportunities for women to run together without the fear of judgement and the new app is in a strange way the first stage of my masterplan.

So anyway, here are the 5 reasons to join my new app before the 1st June

  1. To find real community – You will get to know real women in this group who will become real supporters of your running, and in many cases real friends…we host heaps of events and meet ups throughout the year.
  2. To access downloadable resources and plans – All of our planners and sessions plans are hosted in the app, you can get them easily through your mobile phone, but equally the desktop version is very good too.
  3. To find local running partners – One of the fabulous features of the new app is being able to see who is close to you, this could mean meet ups at parkrun, but also setting up local training runs or just social events.
  4. To access coaching – As well as having me on hand, we also have a bunch of TFTR coaches in training available to support you. (If you are LIRF qualified and want to become a coach…this is the way to do it)
  5. To take part in our latest course – I host a number of challenges and courses, and these will now sit within the app, meaning you can do them when they suit you. Starting on the 1st June I will be running a 10K Your Way Course…with all the mindset and practical support you need to get up to 10K in just 10 weeks.

Oh and there is another reason.

Signing up to the app brings in much needed income for me.

Too Fat to Run is my full-time job. I don’t get any government funding at the moment. I have stopped doing brand partnerships because it is not worth the hassle.

I have big plans for deploying Too Fat to Run coaches around the UK to facilitate a range of different running offers locally, but ultimately someone has to pay for this…I have no capacity to do this on my own.

I am working on a number of options right now…but I am only 1 person.

The subs from The Clubhouse, and now the App are my only steady income. Yes, I do speaking and life coaching, but in terms of having the capacity to focus on Too Fat to Run….the time I can spend on it is in direct correlation to how many women are part of the app.

The running world has absolutely changed since I started my blog almost 9 years ago…and that is great. Awareness around the needs of slower runners has increased, visibility is higher due to campaigns like This Girl Can…but there is still lots of work to do.

Some running clubs still don’t cater for slower runners, not all women can get to parkrun on a Saturday morning, and many of the women Too Fat to Run caters for have complex lives whereby they need extra support, care and attention.

I would love to see you over in the app this Summer…and look out in the autumn for details of our Too Fat to Run coaching programme roll out.

Join now for just £6 per month (please note the payment is in dollars)

Some more techy bits

  • The app is available for Apple and Android Phones
  • It can also be accessed on a desktop computer if you don’t have a smart phone
  • The subscription is facilitated via the app provider and you have complete control over cancelling your membership
  • You can come and go as you please, so if you need to take a break that is fine
  • You can win new kit and 121 coaching sessions by sharing a personal link from the app to recruit new members
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