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So you run a marathon yesterday.

And today you don’t know what to do with yourself.

If you are anything like me you are hobbling around with a massive grin on your face trying to make sense of it all.

You may have done a few updates on social media and shared all the gory details with your loved ones but are you going to write a race report?

You don’t need to be a blogger, or a great writer to share you race experiences, and here are 5 reasons to do so.

Sitting at your desk might be the only thing you are capable of today

With soreness and overwhelm at its peak, spending a couple of hours writing is a great use of your time and energy. While the excitement is still high, and you can still remember the highs and lows, it makes sense to record it.

If you have been fundraising its also a great way to remind people to put their hand in their pocket. Leave it a few days and the novelty will have worn off and you might not bother.

To remind yourself of how awesome you really are

It’s easy to lose sight of what an accomplishment running a marathon (or any race come to think of it is) It might feel a bit self-indulgent sharing all of your thoughts but you will thank yourself in years to come when you have it as a record.

I find writing my race reports help me to make sense of the whole experience, and reflect not only on the race but the wider picture.

So you don’t forget the detail

It’s all fresh in your head now but in a few weeks, you might forget those funny little moments or the intensity of the pain. Then at any point in the future, you can read it back and remind yourself of how the event really was.

It’s also great for other people to have a record of this time in your life, your kids might be too small to understand now…but they will be super impressed maybe when they are thinking about running a marathon and they can read your race report.

To inspire others

Yes we run marathons for ourselves but we also run them for other people.

We inspire people not only through our actions, but through our thoughts and reflections. Sometimes people don’t know the story behind why we run marathons, the difficulties we faced in training, why we are fundraising, how tough the actual race was.

Let people into your world, share with them your thoughts and feelings, you never know when your story might connect with someone and inspire them to take on a big challenge

I would love to read your race reports from yesterday’s marathon. So do tag me on social media, and I will share as many as I can too.

I will be writing mine later today, and also encouraging the ladies from the Too Fat to Run Community to write their too…we have some truly inspirational stories to share.

PS…did you know we launched a new Too Fat to Run community app yesterday? I was doing live Facebook video updates around the course. You can sign up to the app here, and watch the facebook lives here

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