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Can you believe February is almost over? I know it’s a short month but OMG it feels like Xmas is just over.

As you may already know I took a week off work and a week away from social media last week….AND I didn’t do any training, none whatsoever eeeekkk!!!

I could feel myself needing a break, needing to take time out from everything, including marathon training.

But I am back now after a damp but fun week in Butlins, marathon training has resumed and I am now eagerly looking forward to March….amazing what a mini break and a few fairground rides can do when it comes to getting your mojo back.

Plus I have put some important steps in place to ensure I keep my energy levels higher, that I don’t burn out, to ensure I find and keep that mojo firmly in place.

And I want to help you do the same.

I have 3 major online programmes kicking off next month, and I want to give you the opportunity to join the right one for you. I love delivering online programmes, I love giving women (and it is normally women) safe spaces to work on themselves away from the madness of their own lives.

So…what’s coming up?

Scream if You Want to Run Faster

This is an 8 week running programme for women who want to improve. Yes, the focus is on improving your speed but ultimately this is about becoming a stronger and more consistent runner. So if the weather has played a big factor in you not running, or you just haven’t got yourself properly into a routine this could be the perfect programme for you.

Scream if you want to run faster has helped more than 1000 women to improve their speed, it is suitable for ALL levels, and women rave about this running programme. I will also be bringing in a guest expert to talk all things nutrition….and you get all of this for just £20….yes 8 weeks of support and coaching, for less than the price of a cinema trip (yes cinema trips are pricey in my neck of the woods ha ha)

To sign up and find out more click here, we start on the 2nd March (next Monday) with a welcome week, where your main focus is setting a baseline. We have 50 women already registered and raring to go.

Stop Playing Small

At the end of last year did you make promises to yourself about making 2020 the year you start putting yourself first? Did you set goals or maybe even resolutions, but if you are being honest with yourself, you are not really sure if you can achieve them? Are you a bit tired by life, lost your mojo, lost a bit of who you are…hey this happens to so many of us.

Stop Playing Small is my 6 week life coaching programme, that is perfect for women who want a gentle kick up the bum to start living a bit bigger in their life. When you join this programme, you get access to a wonderful community of women who are also working on living bigger. I attract the best women into this programme…and the best bit is you get lifetime access to the FB group to keep doing the work each time we have a new cohort.

The things you will learn on this programme will change your life….simple!!!

To find out more click here, this round is discounted, and there is a payment plan too. We start on the 14th March

Do More Bits

Are you a business owner that is forever chasing their tail a bit. Always busy but not always productive. Do you EVER get to the end of your to do list? like EVER??? And do you EVER get to the truly important stuff that you know could really help you scale your business?

Look I am going to be honest with you I am naturally a productive person, some would say a high achiever…but I can also be incredibly lazy. I work efficiently so I am able to take time off from my business. I have also been teaching time management skills to freelancers for over 15 years, and supporting entrepreneurs for the past 18 months to grow their businesses.

The Do More Bits Challenge is a fun 31 day experiment to see if I can help a bunch of small business owners get more productive and do more of the stuff that matters in their business, for a ridiculously affordable price of £47. This programme includes weekly implementation sessions, mindset coaching and productivity hacks….you won’t find more affordable or impactful business coaching at this price.

I love trialling new programmes, and this new one really lights me up.

We start on Sunday 1st…well the doors will open…I guess the real fun starts on Monday. To find out more and to sign up click here BTW, this programme is 100% open to men too…there is nothing gendered about this programme in the slightest, and I’d love to have some blokes in there!!!

Look  I’m going to be frank with you, the last couple of weeks have been pretty tough. I can’t really explain why, maybe it’s marathon training, maybe it’s the weather….but it has also really made me appreciate the life that I have built for myself.

The people I have in my life to support me when I’m struggling, to remind me to take time off, to keep my groups going while I take a break. To be able to take a whole week off and spend some quality time with my 7 year old…and to not have to rush straight back into work I know I am very lucky.

Social media and technology generally gives us so many more options as women.

It gives us places we can escape to, friendships where people don’t judge us, and new ways of looking at our stuff….and trust me we all have stuff ha ha.

If you are yet to try one of my online programmes, I really do encourage you to give one a go.

I put a lot of free content out in the world to help inspire women into taking action…but the real work happens in my closed facebook groups for my programmes, so don’t be shy, instead be bold, be brave…and be in action.

We only ever properly invest in ourself when we start to truly invest in ourselves

Have a great week

Love Always


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