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I’ve been doing a whole heap of travel this year. I feel like I am forever packing and repacking a bag. Whether its for weekend races, a speaking gig, or a last minute weekend away with friends to catch some rays…I reckon I’ve finally got my packing for a short break down to a tee.

This has been made a whole heap easier with the arrival of the Cabin Zero Bag which I was sent to test a few months ago.

Now I’m a bit of a suitcase on wheels kind of girl so I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of this backpack, but actually I am now a complete convert for short breaks because,

A. It stops me from overpacking

B. Once on my back it leaves me two hands (which is invaluable when you have a 4 year old in tow)

So for £60 what’s so special about the bag?

16641768_1080588628719043_5199435581167239168_nWell its jammed packed full of useful features

  • Cabin sized…yet it seems to fit more than my pull along case
  • Built in Global Tracker, powered by Okoban.
  • YKK Lockable Zippers.
  • Thick padded shoulder straps.
  • 25 year warranty if you ‘Like’ the company on Facebook.
  • 44L capacity.
  • Lightweight.
  • Strong, durable materials.
  • Plus they come in a whole heap of colours

So I went for a lime green colour which was a bit of a bold choice, and my first outing was a 3 night getaway with friends to Sitges in Spain. I managed to pack far more outfits and pairs of shoes than I could possibly wear in one weekend and there was still space in the bag.

A few weeks later came on a trip to visit a friend in the countryside (thats what us Londoners call anywhere which requires a train journey and has trees). This time I had 4 year old Rose with me, which in effect means two sets of clothes for the weekend plus toiletries plus my running kit, which I never ended up using. I loved that I could hold Roses hand and still have a hand free for getting to my phone or train tickets while on the move. It also meant the bag could sit above me on the luggage racks on the train.

It also came with me on a hen weekend to Bournemouth…but what happens on a hen weekend to Bournemouth stays on a hen weekend to Bournemouth right? So theres absolutely nothing to report here…so move along folks.

And finally…a use which I guess is the most fitting for this blog.

I used it as my kit bag for the recent SpitFire Scramble, 24 hour race. I had a carload of stuff, a tent, gazeebos, a cool box, food bags…but being able to store all of my actual kit in one stand alone bag was really good. With the bag positioned on the floor of the tent with the zip fully open I could access everything I needed with ease.


And even after running 40 miles (which you can read here) I was still able to put it on my back and walk up 2 flights of stairs to get home after the event.

I really do like this bag. I like that when it is not being used it is really small and can be shoved somewhere out of sight unlike my hard case suitcase on wheels which takes up a whole heap of space in my cupboard.

So any downsides to the bag?

  • There is a tendency to overpack when there is still room left in the bag, just remember you are going to have to carry it.
  • When packing it makes sense to put the heaviest stuff towards the bottom to help with balanced loading
  • My bag is starting to get a bit grubby…perhaps I should have got a darker one. But I guess it shows its being used. And perhaps I should just give it a wipe.

I’d like to thank CabinZero for sending me my bag. I have not been paid for this review but did receive a bag worth £60 in exchange for an honest blog post.

Check out the full range of colours and sizes here

I have a discount code for my followers CZFATGIRLSGUIDE which gives you 10% off, but this is only valid for 30 days so get shopping.

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