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Last night I went for my first self-induced run in ages. What I mean by that is for the last few months I have pretty much been running because I had to, I have either been racing, or training others and of course taking part in parkrun to try and get my time under 30 minutes, but I have failed to simply put on my shoes, choose a route and go out for a run something that I actually enjoy doing. But last night that all changed because I had a new bit of kit to try, a great motivator to get you out of the door. inspire-for-women-1.jpgA few weeks ago the lovely people at Yurbuds sent me a bright pink pair of their Inspire Yurbuds to review but because of my training for and recovery from Tough Mudder I hadn’t had the opportunity to test them. So they sat on my desk in their stylish packaging looking at me each day making me feel increasingly more guilty about the amount of running I was not doing. Now I have had a pair of yurbuds before. A green pair in fact which I reviewed in 2013. I think I wrote a post called “Do I really have Fat Ears?” on the old site in response to yurbuds guarantee that their earphones will never fall out, I’d never had a problem with this hence the fat ear title. I was generally pleased with my yurbuds last time round, although I did manage to lose one of the rubbery earpieces which I never got round to replacing. Why the new review then? Well I guess I wanted to reexplore how useful these are specifically for plus sized runners using a new set of 10 criteria I have drawn up. So at about 8.45 on a dark and damp night I donned my kit, plugged in my iphone and set off for a short run to the top of my road and back on a route I like to call my Pretty, Shitty, City Run.

  1. Are they sexy? Plus sized runners are sick of wearing dowdy ill fitting kit, like all runners we want vibrant sexy (yet functional) kit that makes us look great. These do look good. The pink wire stood out against my high vis jacket and even my red freckly face.
  2. Do they come in my size? Well they do come with two different sized silicone sound tunnels so you should be able to get a snug fit. There is a bit of a knack to the twist and locking in of these. I found the wire could have been a little longer, at 4 foot it should be long enough to wrap around my body from my back pocket where my phone was, up to my ears, but I am tall and big and it didn’t have as much slack as I would have liked.
  3. Does it perform well? I am not that great at listening to sound quality but I made a conscious effort to listen out for the ambient sound they are designed to let in, and its true I could hear the traffic and people’s conversations as I ran past…although I quite like to drown out comments with my music. they didn’t fall out either and generally they did as they promised.
  4. Could they be improved? I would like to be able to turn the volume up and skip tracks, they do have other models that do this but why not these ones?
  5. Did they make me run better? Hmmm this is a toughie. My legs are still recovering from my tough mudder experience but I did the run without stopping and I will go out in them again this week, so maybe they just motivate me to run rather than improve my running.
  6. How plus size friendly are they? Unlike clothing we don’t have to go through the whole will they won’t they fit with these, and like most accessories you don’t have to worry about them becoming redundant if your weight changes. Also it is nice to be able to buy something in the mainstream for a change.
  7. What about value for money? These come in at £25. I am a bit of a cheap skate so I would want a lot more for my money if I was going to shell out that amount. The Yurbuds Inspire Pro come in at almost double that amount, but do have the additional features that I wanted like controls and connectivity to your phone etc to make and receive calls.
  8. How long will they last me? My last pair lasted about a year before I lost the squidgy bit, with some looking after I guess they should last a little longer than that. They have a warranty for 12 months from the date of purchase anyway.
  9. What do other plus size runners say about them? Well I put this out to my Facebook Community yesterday and it was a mixed bag of responses. Many people said they just couldn’t get on with the twisting system with a few complaining that they did hurt, but just as many people were completely smitten with their purchase and couldn’t live without them. So the jury is out
  10. Real runner score out of 10 I would give these a 6 out of 10. There is nothing wrong with them exactly, and they are indeed lovely to look at (which is very important for me) and they do exactly what they are supposed to. But I would love the extra features for the same price. Hey I am a lady and I am allowed to want it all, in fact can I also have them delivered to me by a hunky man wearing a dark suit and shades just like Neo from The Matrix?

I hope you like the new format for my reviews and that I haven’t put you off buying them completely. What I have found with most running kit is that there is never one size fits all despite what some of the brands might say. yurbuds-Inspire-For-Women-sports-headphoneI would happily recommend this product to other runners. If you have the money to spend and want to treat yourself to something colourful and trendy to add to your kit list why the hell not? I was just thinking actually how cool it is that all the colours that the Yurbud Inspire for Women come in really do complement our Too Fat to Run technical race vests, I love my bold colours and do think being visible and confident in what I am wearing improves my running in the long run…who wants to blend into the background anyway?

Please note I was gifted these headphones in exchange for writing an honest review, no money exchanged hands as part of this deal and the views here (as always) are 100% my own.

However if you do decide to purchase a pair of yurbuds, click on the image above and I will recieve a 5% commission on anything you buy as an Amazon Affiliatte. 

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