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And that is not me blowing my own trumpet it is a FACT, because as it stands The Fat Girls Guide to Running is in the (I was gonna say running), so lets instead say…is in with a chance of being named the UK’s No1 Health Blog in the UK Blog Awards at a snazzy red carpet event taking place in Central London tomorrow night.

When I originally put the blog forward I never imagined I would be shortlisted, so to find myself in a list with 10 other phenomenal blogs, health blogs run by individuals like me I am truly humbled

So here they are

1. 38 Line Poem by Rick Bolton

2. The Limping Chicken by Angie Aspinall

3. This Woman’s Word by Danielle Watson

4. Fat Girl, PhD by Katie Lowe

5. Food, Fitness and Furballs by Eliza Flynn

Removed by request

7. The Runner Beans by Charlotte Watson

8. Health-e-Helen by Helen Foster     

9. Chris’s Cancer Community by Chris Lewis         

10. Nic’s Nutrition by Nichola Whitehead

I think you will agree that there are some phenomenal health blogs in this list, so just to be included in the line up with them is a real honour. This shortlist was pulled together not by a panel of judges but by a public vote, which is why I am so overwhelmed to be part of this process still and it is the part of my blog that I am most proud of – its community.

The final stage of this award process is judging by a panel of industry experts and I guess they will be assessing the blogs on things such as design and innovation and the quality of the content (I can’t seem to locate the judging criteria on the site to check) and I am sure I will score poor in some areas (grammar and spelling for sure). But do you know what? I don’t care.

This blog came about at a time where I was desperate for change, and I know hundreds of women find it when they too are at a similar point in their fitness journey and that is what drives me to continue producing the content that I do. I am not the greatest photographer, and at times I am so eager to put my thoughts out there I don’t always do it in the most eloquent or cohesive of manors I just have to have my say.

I don’t have a designer, or even a logo, there is no web team behind me, I don’t know how to do HTML or even plugins if truth be known, so everything on my blog so far has been done by trial and error and a lot of fingers crossed actions.

I never meant to become a blogger, like I never meant to become a runner, especially not a fat runner thats for sure, it kind of just happened and I have made something of that. Tomorrow marks a significant point in me considering myself a proper blogger, and win or lose it marks the beginning of a more professional approach to what I put out there.

If truth be known I am a little apprehensive about attending the event. I haven’t been to a posh do in a while, I haven’t got a new dress or anyone to go with and I am nervous about the real me as opposed to the virtual me being on display, with the hope that it doesn’t all come crashing down at any point.

Anyway, as I sit here in my onsie with a face pack on about to start painting my nails I just want to thank every single one of my followers for making this blog what it is, and I would also like to congratulate all of the shortlisted bloggers in all of the categories. I know how much work writing a blog takes, and how much of your self you have to give if you really want it to mean something to others.

Keep an eye out on twitter tomorrow using the #ukblogaward hashtag for pictures of me in a dress with my hair done etc, and give me a nudge if later in the evening I look like I’ve drunk too much or have taken off my heels to have a boogie.

I love you all xxxx

  1. i really appreciate your achievements…you are a good writer…and i am expecting more interesting and informative content from you….

  2. June 10, 2014

    amazing work..i am truly your fan..love u

  3. April 29, 2014

    Congratulation, Fattymustrun for your achievements. You are truly a great writer; I love to read your blogs. Best of luck.Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  4. This blog has become essential reading for me. I hope you win, you deserve recognition for the motivation and inspiration you regularly put out. I don’t know the other blogs you’ve cited that are on the shortlist, but I think this one is genuinely important because it caters to a specific demographic that is known to be at risk of serious health problems and perversely – despite the obvious importance of reaching this demographic with motivating inspiration – it’s a demographic that not typically catered to in any health focused media I’ve seen – bar those promoting diets and related products (and there is a surfeit of that.) Also you are honest genuine and bullshit-free, and refreshingly, your blog isn’t plastered with images of thin women laughing alone with salad or being zen like in brand new yoga gear or sprinting like a gazelle along a sunset drenched beach. Good luck.

    • Thank you so much. It’s great to get such specific feedback regarding what works for you. Xx

  5. April 25, 2014

    Good luck

  6. April 24, 2014

    You should be so PROUD of yourself. Best of luck and have fun with it.

    Always, Franessa

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