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The alarm went off at 6.45 and I did the unthinkable on a race morning…I pressed snooze…twice!!

img_6903I had been looking forward to the London race in the Women’s Running 10K race series since we announced the partnership in the Spring, but after a busy work week and two very intense Crossfit sessions my body felt broken.

I could cancel and just not show up…but that was never going to happen….I could drop down to the 5k distance, but if I was going to make my way half way across London, I might as well do the 10K.

So at 7.15 I got out of my bed, and by 7.30 I was out the door and heading to the tube. I had got all of my kit ready the night before, and ate my breakfast on route to the station.

It had been raining overnight but it seemed to have cleared up a bit.

When I arrived at the race village at Finsbury Park I could spot my ladies a mile off…our Too Fat to Run merchandise is great like that. We were a small group of 6 ladies mostly from The Clubhouse our online running club, but I knew there were a few other followers on the blog lurking in the crowd.

Despite not feeling that great I was excited to give the race a go. I hadn’t really done much running since the Glasgow race back in August, and I was curious to see if my strength training would have any impact on my running abilities.

img_6918I gave a short speech about Too Fat to Run to motivate the crowd of ladies which was getting bigger by the moment, it wasn’t a huge race…but it was big enough to have a nice vibe, and as the Too Fat to Run ladies snuck to the back of the crowd to avoid looking silly in the warm up (we are rebels like that sometimes) I thought to myself I am really glad I made the effort to get up and get here.

The first kilometre of the race was fine. My legs felt sore, my hamstrings and glutes in particular and my nose was full of snot (Sorry TMI???), I figured I would keep running for as long as possible and then just see what happens. It turns out a rather steep hill happened at about 2K….so I started powerwalking, remembering to get my camera out to take some pictures…and then I heard

This is no time for emails CREFFIELD

img_6922Which really made me laugh, and got me back running again.

The race was very well organised and the stewards were great, especially one chap who cheered like his life depended on it, giving really good positive affirmations to each lady as they passed him.

I got to 5K in about 39 minutes, not too shoddy considering the hills and the early section across grass (which is not my favourite). I knew there would be more walking on the second lap, but actually I ended up running far more than I thought I might, especially the down hill sections where I felt like I was actually flying…my Garmin said my maximum speed was 8.2 miles per hour…compared to an average of 4.6 miles…that was defo going down hill.

The course was challenging, but by no means horrid. There was a music festival about to start which made for an interesting set of spectators making their way into the park…and at least it gave the security guards something to look at.

The last mile or so was tough…especially the final hill…but that fab steward was there and his encouragement even got me running up the mountain before me…and then I saw it…the sign that said 200 meters to go…finally.

The last stretch of the route was fantastic…crowds willing me on, the compare announcing my arrival and my best attempt at a final sprint…I did it.

By now the sun had come out and the race village area was buzzing with women excited to have finished. It was fab being met by two of my more speedy ladies, Rachel and Suzy who I could see just ahead of me the whole way, and then see Liza (with her hubby and kids there to cheer her on), Rita and Louise come in to complete our team effort.


Not that it was at all important, but any fears of being last across the line were gone, and we took a last final medal picture before making our respective way home….revelling in accomplishment and pride.

I’m not going to lie, it was a tough race considering how I was feeling, but it was a great atmosphere and nice to do an event that was well organised but wasn’t massive.

A massive thank you to Women’s Running for putting on such a fab event once again…and it’s not over yet either…with the Leeds event still to come next weekend…still time to sign up!!! Use discount code TFGGTR16 for £2 off * The goodie bags are fab by the way

If you would like to take part in  our UK wide meet ups, and get to know a supportive network of women from our community, why not consider joining our online running club The Clubhouse for just £59 for the year. With weekly training sessions, discounts, guest experts and much much more. Click here for more info

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