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I can’t remember when the first time I ran on Christmas Day was, but I know it changed everything, and now it feels REALLY weird if I don’t at least attempt to get out for a run on the big day.

It kind of reminds me of when I was a kid and you went outside on Christmas Day with a new toy, skates or a bike or something, and it felt a bit naughty…the streets were empty, there was hardly any traffic, and like people said hello and “Merry Xmas” and stuff, which is not always the case in London.

But anyway, I love it.

It doesn’t matter how far I run, but its brilliant to just get outside and be around other people.

Plus I always say if you can make a run happen on Christams Day, you can make a run happen on any day…and I am a big advocate of making running work for you and your busy lifestyle.

But what if you are new to running and it still feels a bit weird to pop out on Christmas Day for a run? Here are my top 5 tips for making it happen.

Plan it as part of the big day 

Have a think about where in your day it makes sense. For me, I prefer to go after the presents but before breakfast (childcare permitting) and if truth be told, I do prefer to leave Rose at home and go by myself, so that I can get a proper run in. But this year I will probably drag her along with me. For you, it might make sense once the dinner is in the oven, or even later in the evening.

Check out your local parkrun

I have done Christmas Day parkrun a number of times now. Last year I spend Xmas day by myself as Rose was at her Dads, so it was a lifeline having something to do, and not feeling like I was completely by myself all day.

Find out if anyone else would like to go for a run or even a walk

It might sound strange, you might think you are the only one who wants to go. One year my 8 year old nephew came with me and had a whale of a time. If you have relatives coming over you never know who might be a secret runner. And remember it doesn;t have to be a full blown run, it could be a brisk walk.

Dress Up

I once went for a local run dressed as a Xmas pudding (Seriously), a friend of mine dressed as a camel at parkrun last year (or maybe it is actually a reindeer, no I think it is a camel). If you can’t dress up today when can you. It might sound more desirable to the skeptics if they get to dress up too.

Talk it through with loved ones

It might at first appear selfish, I’ve head of husbands (and mother in laws) saying “can you not just have one day off” but if you know running is good for your mental health during what can be a stressful time, or you are training for a marathon (which many of us are) the Xmas day run might be an important one. so just make sure you communicate why it’s important to you…and ignore any snarky comments. You get to decide how you spend your day.

I know we are a little way away from Xmas Day but there is nothing wrong with doing some planning. Without the structure of the school run, going to work, and the normal family routine it can be easy to let your running and exercise habits fall by the wayside during the festive period, leaving you vulnerable to all of the dieting “New Year, New You” hype that happens in January.

So will you be running?

Join us for our annual Countdown to Christmas Challenge which starts tomorrow. 31 days of fitness, fun and festive shenanigans for women of all shapes and sizes, of all abilities, from up and down the country, and all over the world. This is the 5th year I have run this online programme, and seriously it gets better and better each year.

With £2000+ worth of prizes to be won, and a closed Facebook Group where all kinds of shenanigans go on…this is not one to be missed.

Prizes this year include

  • Sudio Bluetooth Headphones
  • 4 pairs of Sturdy By Design Leggings
  • Decathlon Vouchers
  • Winter Run Race Places
  • LQ Liquid Health Suppliments
  • Cliff Bars
  • JoyFuel Bars
  • Osprey Back Pack
  • Jaybird Race Caps
  • Optimum Nutrition Shakes
  • Totum Suppliments
  • Signed copies of my new book Living a Bigger Life
  • A FREE place on my 6 month life coach package

And prizes are still coming in.

Today is the last day you can sign up though…the first email goes out this evening so what are you waiting for?

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