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So last month I made the dramatic decision to reduce the price of our online running club by more than 50%


Well, despite our existing members saying that £10 per month represented great value for money for all of the benefits they got, I still received feedback from women saying they simply couldn’t justify the expense.

So I have made it an absolute no brainer cost of just £59 for the year, which is less than a fiver a month, roughly £1 per week.

Now I know there will still be people out there saying “Running should be FREE” or “Well I still can’t afford that” and that is fine with me…I know that the value my members get is absolutely worth that investment, and am confident that by making this change my online club is going to go from strength to strength this year.

If you have head enough and think right thats it I’m joining, then click here

Still not convinced?

I’ve pulled together some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to help you realise what a great idea the Clubhouse really is…and don’t worry I’ve included another link at the bottom of this page to take you to where you sign up ha ha

Clubhouse Badge BOXEDWhat is The Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is a unique online running club (led by ME!!!) that helps overweight women to survive and thrive in the sport of running.

It provides training support, advice, accountability and friendship, plus opportunities to train together and represent the Too Fat to Run brand in the real world at race meet ups.

Why would someone join an online running club?

Many overweight women or those new to running feel too embarrassed or nervous to join a traditional running club through fear of being too slow or too overweight, and sometimes the set evening and weekend sessions of most running clubs just don’t work for their busy life.

The Clubhouse provides all of the social and accountability aspects of a real running club, and all the physical and mental health benefits just without ever having to run with anyone else…unless you really want to that is.

How many members do you have?

We launched in January 2015 after piloting the idea for 3 months prior see what women from our community actually wanted from an online group. In its first year we have had over 200 women join. Last month alone we had over 90 new members join. We tend to have about 200-300 members at any one time as women come and go for various reasons, often when they no longer need us and have joined a traditional running club…that is a success as far as I am concerned.


Who are the members?

We have all kinds of amazing women in our membership from all walks of life. They tend to be between the ages of 30 and 60, some mums, some professional women, some retired…but all awesome. 90% are from the UK, but our international members are an important part of the groups dynamic. We have runners at all levels, from beginners right up to ladies training for full marathons, AND IRONMANS!!!! They all support and learn from each other.

I am not really running yet, will I be the odd one out?

Nope. We have women who are just starting out. women who employ walk run strategies and women who are completely up front and say “I’m not a runner I am a powerwalker” and they still get a lot from being a member.

How do you communicate with each other?

We have an active Facebook page which is closed to the public, this is a hive of activity and is how we get to know each other. The ladies use this page for asking for advice, sharing tips, discussing struggles and celebrating successes, and organising meet ups. It is incredibly supportive and we don’t tolerate any kind of negative vibes…its filled with love. There is also a member only area on the Too Fat to Run website where lots of resources are stored so you can go in at any time and retrieve them.


Who leads the actual coaching?

I am of course head coach but women from the group take on specific roles to share the load….we have a number of ladies with a Leadership in Running Fitness qualification and experience of coaching other women. Different women organically take on different roles within the club, for example posting various fitness challenges and real and virtual training sessions for members to get involved in. The more you get involved and offer service to the group the more you get out of it basically.

Will you tell me exactly what to do?

No. Not unless you ask specific questions about your training goals and what you need help with. All of our women are at different levels so its really important that they take responsibility for planning and implementing their own training programmes, with support from the group of course. We do send a suggested weekly training session which most women attempt and throughout the year we do specific training for different distances.

There is always help on hand.

Within the group there are a number of ladies with run coaching qualifications, and many clubhouse members will go on to become official Too Fat to Run Instigators in their local communities.

So tell me again, what exactly do I get for my £59 


  • Different Mindset Theme informed by the groups needs
  • Expert Webinar (Recorded so you can play back at your leisure)
  • Social Media Q&A session
  • Julie’s Book Review
  • Fitness, Strength or Cardio Challenge
  • A new template, resource or How to guide to help with training


  • A Training Session Suggestion emailed to you
  • Coaching Video from Julie
  • Self Care Prompts
  • Weekend Training Updates
  • Virtual runs

Throughout the year

  • Opportunities to represent Too Fat to Run at events as a guest blogger
  • Discounts including 10% off all TFTR merchandise
  • Selected discounts from partners for races and running kit
  • First to know about Too Fat to Run developments
  • Chance to train and get experience as a Too Fat to Run coach
  • Priority booking for retreats and events
  • Race Meet Ups
  • Cheering Squad Opportunities

So what do you think folks, ready to commit?

July’s focus is all about nutrition and fuelling yourself properly and we have some great stuff planned for the month…sign up before the 1st of the month to make sure you don’t miss out.

To check out some really cool testimonials from current members and to sign up click here

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