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Well that got your attention didn’t it? So before you start thinking “traitor” or worse still “attention seeker” of course I think Jo Pavey can win the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year award, which is being announced this week, why wouldn’t I?

We love an underdog in this country, the thought that someone has risen through the ranks unexpected and pipped the sure bet competition at the finishing post, well that is exactly the kind of thing that drives us Brits to take action.

A female underdog in the sports world should really be setting us ladies into a voting frenzy, but I fear that the people who actually vote for this thing are sports fanatics that just so happen to be men. This is only a guess on my part, but it hardly gets the profile that lets say X factor does…with thousands of excitable teens voting for their fav heart-throb.

So I worry that in some ways Jo has lost before she’s even been given a chance, and I for one would love to know the demographic of the voters…just for curiosity sake.

th-2You see there are just as many women in this country as men, so if we were simply voting for the person most like us then Jo really would have a chance, but she is still relatively unknown amongst non runners especially when compared to mega sporting stars like Lewis Hamilton and Rory Mcllroy who are known worldwide.

Maybe I don’t know what the hell I am talking about because of course women have won in the past, but from my recollection they have pretty much been off the back of high profile campaigns like Paula Radcliffe, Kelly Holmes and I guess if you are Royal in the running…you always stand a good chance (think Zara Phillips and Princess Anne)

In all honesty I don’t really get what the criteria is for this competition is anyway…is it just a popularity test, or is it a measure of sporting accomplishment? or perhaps its all about graft…cos if it’s about graft…I dare say Jo should win. The Devon athlete only returned to the track in May, eight months after giving birth to her second child, when she won the British 10,000m Championships.

She said

 “I’ve definitely surprised myself. I didn’t expect to win any medals – I was breastfeeding at the start of April.”

I don’t doubt that the other shortlisted personalities haven’t worked their socks off too over the years to get recognised in this way, but from where I’m standing it seems like Jo really had her work cut out having to juggle family life, and an athletics campaign at an age where most athletes are considering retirement (sorry to harp on about your age again Jo)

But what a great message for us all…

We have no excuse really do we? We should all find time to exercise. We should keep going when it come to chasing our dreams and we shouldn’t give up as easily as most of us do…but the biggest lesson here is about saying “sod em” in regards to your biggest critics.

I would love to see Jo win on Sunday and will be tuning in to see what happens…but come on ladies (and any gents reading this) what an amazing way to acknowledge this phenomenal women…vote, vote, vote…cos thats the only way she has any chance!!

You can cast your vote for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2014 by phone or for free online. But only on Sunday during the show, broadcast on BBC One, 5 live and on the BBC Sport website from 8pm.  Details of the phone numbers will be released during the show and to vote online for free you’ll need a BBC iD, if you haven’t done so already you can register by clicking here…do it now!!

Not that I am comparing myself for one moment to Jo of course,  but I too have been shortlisted for a high profile sports award…well kind of…in 133 days I find out if I have been victorious in my quest to be named Best Running Blog in the Running Awards held at the Indigo O2 in April just 2 days before I run my 3rd Marathon.

2015_Running_Awards_Logo_500_185I know it’s a bit strange for a fat girl who still can’t run 5k in under 30 minutes, who struggles to find matching or fitting come to think of it kit, and doesn’t always stretch properly (there I have said it) to think her blog is worthy of such a title, but The Fat Girls Guide to Running is unique if nothing else…and funny at times too (or so I’ve been told)

I am up against some amazing blogs though, from runners who are probably considered “proper runners” from the mainstream sports world, with much larger profiles and numbers of supporters than me….but I’m still gonna give it my best shot though, I mean I made it to the last 12 from I think what was a list of about 30. So again please vote, vote, vote.

My fellow competitors are

  1. Another Wild Monkey
  2. Born to Plod
  3. DC Rainmaker
  4. Dreaming of Footpaths
  5. The Guardian Running Blog 
  6. HelsBels
  7. IronLozza
  8. Lazy Girl Running 
  9. Steve Way
  10. Susie Chan iRun
  11. Veggie Runners

These awards are not the be all and end all of course, and nether myself, Jo or any of the other bloggers I have listed do what we do for this reason…but it’s still nice to be recognised in such a public way.

But anyway, back to the lady of the moment.

Good Luck Jo Pavey…we all love you!!!

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