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The first time I ever run on Xmas day I had been out the night before had a terrible hangover and little else to do, so I decided a run might make me feel a little better before visiting family later that evening…it worked, as not only did it clear my head it made me really look at the day for what it is….just another day really.

So I have tried to keep up the habit ever since.

One year I happened to be in St Lucia and that was a glorious early morning run, the following year I was in Edinburgh being proposed to…so I gave the run a miss and went back to bed with a bottle of champers instead, but generally speaking when I am home I try to fit a short run in and encourage others to do the same.


Surely Xmas is a time to do things with the family, and more importantly to have a day off.

But I figure if you can motivate yourself to run, and fit one in on one of the most busiest days of the year, then you will be well equipped for the other 364 days of the year.

I don’t run far, normally less than 20 minutes but I love it.

  • The roads are empty
  • The cars that are about look at you either in admiration or bewilderment
  • People who pass you wish you Merry Xmas (which in London is kinda freaky)
  • You get to escape the mad house

and most importantly it helps you to ensure there is no break in your training plans, because if of course you miss Xmas eve and Xmas day, then boxing day might be a write off, and then with 3 days of running its easy to leave it to the weekend and then there are the sales, and then you might aswell wait until New Year, and of course January 1st is a no no…so perhaps January 5th might be more realistic. You see where I am going with this?

I have a marathon to train for and Xmas despite it being a joyous family occasion, well it kind of gets in the way, and I can’t afford to miss a weeks worth of training.

So why not join me?

It doesn’t have to be a long one, you can schedule it for a time that suits you, you can leave orders for the kids or the other half for while you are gone, you can even ask for it as part of your Xmas present…I know I have had to in the past to avoid being moaned at.

The point is, if running, health or fitness is important to you why wouldn’t you prioritize it, and rather than seeing it as a chore or something to fit in…I now look forward to my Xmas day run as it’s just another reminder to myself that I am a proper runner (not to say you’re not if you don’t, if you get my drift)

So come on ladies don your Xmas jumper or your reindeer antlers and let’s do this…who’s up for it?

Ps The picture for this post is of me in a Xmas Pudding jumper from Xmas 2013

  1. December 22, 2014

    I want to run that day too! I think I will just to be moving on a day that usually is crazy, loud and full of not-so-healthy food.

    I love your post! I would love to come to London to do a race one day.

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