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Ok that sounds a little harsh

But seriously…what were they on? It’s hellish. I planned to go to the gym today and do a hardcore treadmill session followed by a swim but when I got there I just enquired as to what classes were going on and you guessed it.

6.45pm SPIN

What the hell, along with the running and swimming I was gonna do it would be like a mini Triathlon.

Who was I kidding.

The first challenge was to find a bike that wasn’t broken, it took me 3 attempts – the instructor was looking at me like I was a twat!!

The rest of the participants machines were looking at me like “you sure you want to do this?”

Spin bikes are not designed for larger ladies, and mine was clearly not set up properly as my wrists ached, my back hurt, my nether regions well lets just say they were in a compromising position that was far from comfortable…why did I agree to do this again?

And then the class began. I couldn’t hear the instructor above the pumping House and Latino music for a start, and I gave up on lip reading as the sight of this guy dripping and spitting sweat with every instruction was a real turn off.

So I kinda kept my bike on gear 7 and tried to follow the up and down movements of everyone else. I think perhaps I have something wrong with my quads, as they clearly can not do what the rest of the group could with theirs. The standy uppy bits were just impossible.

Damn i was hot, and not in a good way I had my Zaggora Pants on too…so this meant double the sweat. Luckily I had my favourite Sweaty Betty headband which soaked up the moisture stopping it from going into my eyes.

I travelled just over 16kms in my 30 minute session, and could barely walk when I dismounted the torturous contraption – now for a 5k run – yeah right who am I kidding!!

I did go for my swim though, mainly as a way of cooling down…but in the spirit of juneathon I did push myself more than I would normally clocking up 30 lengths in 35 minutes!!

I can only imagine the pain I will be in tomorrow. Some light stretching is likely to be the only exercise I log and even that might be pushing it.

  1. June 13, 2013

    Do you think you’ll go spinning again? It sounds kind of fun.

    • Fun hmmmm no not a word I would use. Hardcore, tough, difficult, challenging…I probably will do it again but not for a while, I need to recover!!!

  2. June 13, 2013

    Love spinning but don’t live near a gym that offers it! My first class was very similar, i remember thinking that i was going to have a heart attack! If you want to continue i would advise that you buy a gel saddle cover, it makes the saddle slightly more comfortable, every little helps:) But keep at it!

  3. June 12, 2013

    I salute you for “riding” it out ~ lol, sounds exactly like my first spin class… it was at 545am.. i never went back tho. =/

  4. June 12, 2013

    Good on you for giving it a go… no workout is a bad one 🙂 even if it felt like it lol

  5. I agree. Nearly fell off first time. I mean they make you stand up and cycle! Jelly legs. Running a marathon was much easier!

  6. The first spinning session is always the hardest – I promise it gets easier after a couple of goes at it. For the lady bits chafing, I have Nike dryfit running capris and the seams sit much more comfortably than when I (accidentally) wear my yoga bottom things. Well done on your Juneathon for the day!

  7. June 11, 2013

    Well you done better than me hun, I managed to do 30mins of the 45min sesion and when I got off the bike I swear I had to balance myself on to my mum, I was hurt so much the next day I could have cried. I never went back But with that mishap I found a new lovve of water aerobic, every cloud and all dat. You are inspiring and I have found a new motivation reading your blogs.

  8. June 11, 2013

    I have never done spinning and don’t care if I ever do it. Don’t live close to a gym so not even an option right now. Good for you, though. You are a better woman than I!!

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