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Hands up, who’s struggling to get out to run now the weather had turned cold?


Today while at CrossFit (and yes that was a struggle too) someone asked me when my next race was, and I realised I don’t have any more for 2017…my next one will be the Winter Run 2018 in Central London.


I love to run through Central London.

And to run through Central London with snow flying through the air, polar bears on ever corner, swiss cattle bells ringing, snowmen handing out medals…so the Cancer Research Winter Run in London simply has to be my favourite 10K event of the year.

In fact I have done it 3 years running…


And each time our Too Fat to Run tribe has grown, and for 2018 we already have around 20 ladies signed up…and you could join us….its gonna be brilliant.

We tend to meet up opposite Charing Cross Train Station before the race and make our way to the start line together which is awesome for getting rid of any nerves,and for added body heat in the pens…we give hugs as warm as the polar bears trust me.

IMG_6410.JPGThen when the race starts its every woman for herself, but as the route winds round London it is great spotting each other in our Too Fat to Run shirts.

It is a great event.

Runners of all abilities, groups set off in mixed ability waves, enough crowd support to encourage rather than overwhelm and the medal is epic.

Last year I got an incredible time as a result of trying to keep up with Liza one of my ladies, and then a bit of additional help in the last Kilometre when a pacer worked to get me to up my pace, when all I wanted to do was collapse. I managed a time of 1 hour 12 minutes and 11 seconds…not a million miles away from my all time PB of 1 hour 6 from 2008.

scream-mockupSo I am focussing on improving my speed over the next few weeks….using the techniques from my own book and online training programme “Scream if you want to Run Faster”. I’m currently running 5K around the 34 minute mark…I want to get that right down before race day.

Which is just as well because last week I went along to a Winter Run training session with personal trainer and coaching consultant, Tom Craggs in Hyde Park…I’ve never run so fast in my life…to the point that I felt weak to the point of faintness for the next few hours.

It probably did me the world of good though…and later that night Tom called me “An Athlete” which pleased me no end.

I want to run a really strong, consistent 10K in February…but I also be able to enjoy the vibe too.

So fancy joining me and raising some money for Cancer Research UK???

If you would like to join myself and a bunch of women from the Too Fat to Run Clubhouse click here and use discount code “TOOFATTORUN18” for £3 off…you can find information about our meet up in the events section of our Facebook Page…its a great opportunity to meet me and see what our community is all about.

See you there.


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