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Let me ask you some questions…

  • Are you sick of dieting?
  • Are you struggling to lose or maintain your weight?
  • Are you worried about your health or fitness?
  • Are you suffering with anxiety or bouts of depression?
  • Are you ready to put your own health and wellbeing first?
  • Are you ready for real change?

And another one…

When is the last time you had a whole day to yourself to focus on your health and happiness?

I mean sometimes as women, it’s difficult to get even an hour to yourself some days right? So imagine taking a full 7 days away from your busy life and spending it instead with me in Rhodes in Greece for a week of fitness, fun and friendships on our annual Too Fat to Run health and happiness retreat.


Join us from Saturday 19th May to Sunday 26th May for a life changing week that you will never forget.

You see I love working with women via the wonders of technology, but there is nothing better than spending real quality time getting to know my clients and helping them to reach their personal goals. So I get really excited launching the retreat each year and while the weather closes in and starts getting chilly here in the UK I really start looking forward to feeling the greek sunshine on my skin and working hands on with wonderful women for a week on this retreat.

Ready to sign up?


Need some more info first?

So I guess you want to know more about the retreat right?

Well in a nutshell it is 7 days of fitness in the sunshine to help energise you and show you what you are capable of; delicious home cooked Mediterranean food to help you reset and review your current eating and give you ideas for when you go home, plus you get a week working through some of the key concepts from my Living a Bigger Life coaching programme to review what it is you really want to get from your life.

Oh and there’s lots and lots of fun and laughter with your fellow retreaters of course, plus a number of lovely day trips so you come back home feeling 100% refreshed.

This will be our third year running this retreat, and this year it is going to be bigger and better than ever with our two new additions to the staff team with Kinesiologist and Homeopath Kerri Williams, and Personal Trainer and Endurance Athlete Sophie Sanderson who will be with us for the whole week.

So who makes up the staff team

Me – Julie Creffield, plus size marathon runner, author and life coach. I am an award winning blogger and the founder of the Too Fat to Run global fitness movement, helping thousands of women to live bigger lives through the power of sport and self development.

Elizabeth – Our brilliant local retreat host and plus size runner too. Known locally as Cass…or Cinders (to me)…as she does like to lock herself away in the kitchen chopping salad. Cass worked as a holiday rep on the Island in her early twenties, met her husband and the rest is history. Her two beautiful daughters help out in their family run hotel, and Cass knows everything there is to know about our wonderful retreat location.

Kerri – Works with women to reignite their spark and support them on a journey to find their health and happiness. Using a holistic approach heavily influenced by kinesiology, Keri helps women to explore the synergies between physical issues, emotional blocks and their effect on our day to day lives. With a special interest in burnout, adrenal fatigue, food addiction and weight issues Keri brings a fresh perspective to the ‘diet’ debate by encouraging women to look within and discover the triggers that may be underlying.

Sophie – The Founder of personal training company Fitology Sophie has been a personal trainer for 3 years after working in advertising and realising that spending 10 hours a day sat a desk isn’t any way to live. She’s focuses on strength-training but loves to challenge herself with long-distance cycling and triathlons. Sophie is a firm believer in the connection between exercise and a happy brain and how fitness is about health rather than who has the peachiest bum.

We also have wonderful coaches and guest experts visiting us throughout the week including David (THE BEST YOGA TEACHER IN THE WORLD, LIKE SERIOUSLY), Zumba Instructor Gill, who is just a bag of energy, and also a local nutritionist and physiotherapist who both come highly recommended.

Is the week all about weight loss then?

Nope. This is not the main focus. Although there will be opportunities for you to review your weight as part of your general health, and a chance to look at habits and behaviours. Many of our participants do lose weight and inches while they are with us, a lady in 2016 flew out needing a seat belt extender and flew home not needing one. But in terms of weight loss, this very much depends on your goals and the way you approach the week.

On the first day you will get a chance to set your own goals for the week which could be anything…

  • A fitness reboot
  • A detox from processed foods
  • A chance to plan
  • An opportunity to try new things
  • To meet new people
  • For a break from home

How much running will there be throughout the week?

There will be opportunities to run most days, but you get to decide how much. There will be key technique sessions and some early morning local group runs. You may have done some running in the past, but it is not a requirement. You do not have to be an awesome runner or have a high level of fitness to attend our retreat, as long as you can walk a 5K without too much trouble and are up for giving other activities a go then we will have you. We have had every thing from marathon runners to women who hadn’t run in more than 10 years.


Remember, this is what I do for a living. I help women to learn to love running, to improve and to believe they can progress in the sport…I’m pretty good at it too!!

Where will we be staying?

Glad you asked. Last year we moved to the brilliant Rose Hotel (which is my daughters name) in Falaraki in Rhodes, but don’t worry about it’s reputation as a party town, I can guarantee we are in a lovely secluded part of town where there will be no temptation to go out clubbing…although we might schedule an optional pole dancing session for anyone interested.

img_0206The 18 pool facing rooms consist of 2 single beds for sole or shared use.  These beautifully renovated rooms are spacious and all have private balconies or patios looking out onto the pool and the countryside beyond as well as a small refrigerator and tea/coffee making facilities.  The en-suite bathrooms have a  shower and WC.

The hotel is located in a quiet area and is surrounded by countryside.  We are just a short walk from the sandy beach and the resort centre. The hotel’s large swimming pool is exclusively for the use of our guests and there are plenty of sun loungers and shady areas for down time and relaxation.

Our Mediterranean meals will be prepared at the hotel using fresh, local produce and are included in the price of the week.  Bottled water, ample fresh, seasonal fruit and nuts will also be on offer.

The pergola covered patio is a great outdoor space for our mindset sessions as well as a shady spot to enjoy meals al fresco, yoga and fitness sessions.  All whilst enjoying a lovely view over the pool and the surrounding garden.

As part of the weeks schedule we will take you to some of the best spots on the island, where you will learn how easy it is to have an active holiday without feeling deprived. Including a hike to Lindos Acropolis which was absolutely the highlight of the 2016 and 2017 trips.

What does a typical day look like?

Well, it depends on the groups ability and dynamic and the programme is adapted as we go taking in to account the weather and mood of the group but on the days where we have no trips out of the villa it may look a bit like this

7am Pre Breakfast Activity – A HITT training session, yoga or meditation session or a run

9am breakfast

10am Mindset or Planning Session

12pm Free time & then Lunch

2pm Water Workout or Guest Expert Session or Free Time plus 121 Sessions

5pm Optional Strength Training or Evening Hike

7pm Dinner

9pm Under the stars fun

Remember you do as much or as little as you like, and there may be times where you just need some time to sit somewhere quietly and write in your journal, or take a snooze by the pool. Its your retreat, you take part however you see fit. We will support you to make the most of the opportunity.

What kind of women will be coming?

There will be a range of women from our community, but we believe most women will fall into these categories

  • 35 – 65 years of age
  • Overweight or body conscious
  • A mix of professional women and retired ladies
  • Non judgemental and friendly
  • Some experience of running or fitness (or a desire to get more active)
  • Open to new experiences and learning
  • Women ready for change


What have women said about our past retreats?

Gill said,

I need to find a running buddy, I’ve never run with others before and it made such a difference. Also I loved the hills!
But for me, the main thing was the amazing women I met and finding the confidence to wear a swimsuit.


Meeting so many extraordinary women who made feel wonderful for who I am, not judging me on what I look like. Having my back as I know they would, my wonderful warrior women. My release from overeating, Thank you I will be forever in your debt, you literally changed my life.

Lucy said the biggest aha for her was being reminded that,

The most important relationship of all, the one with myself. Meeting an amazing group of women who I still feel are at my shoulder and support me.

Elise said,

I learnt lots of new stuff about running…posture and technique and hills!! I’ve already told my running buddy we’re running the hill in the morning (usually walk and chat!)
I’ve also learnt that I can survive and exercise (& feel so much better) on much smaller portions than I’ve been used to! It was amazing to meet other like minded strong women, facing their own battles in life. It’s given me the confidence and kick up the backside I so desperately needed Xx

Lesley said her realisation was,

That I’m capable of a lot more than I think I am! It’s all about self belief and mindset – I can do this!!!!


I went wanting to learn how, and get the confidence to, move/run as opposed to sit and slowly perish. I wanted nor expected anything else.
Since I have come home I’ve done either HITT training or yoga everyday, plus a 2km run home from school drop off.
I’ve signed up for park run and am going to my first ever exercise class tonight. I think I can very very safely say I achieved what I wanted.
What I didn’t plan for, was to feel empowered around food, realise a few home truths about myself, battle and win against fears and make some truly special new friends. (Trying not to cry as I write this…)

Jo Said,

I ache all over but most of that is from laughing I think. We worked hard but had fun doing it. Great accommodation, great food, great activities and great company – can’t recommend it enough

So the big question is how much does the retreat cost?

The cost of the retreat includes all activities, transfers, coaching sessions and most meals (including wine on some evenings). Flights are additional, we have suggested flights from London & Manchester which arrive on Saturday evening. Flights from London are currently less than £200 return, the sooner you book your flights the cheaper they will be.

£1299 sharing in a twin room (We can organise pairing you up with someone or you can bring a friend)

£1699 for sole use of twin room (sharing isn’t that bad really is it?)

A non refundable deposit of £299 must be paid to secure your place, and full payment made before the 1st February.

A payment plan of £299, and the remainder split into 4 monthly payments can also be arranged.

We have just 20 places on this years retreat, last year we sold out and had to turn people away.

The retreat includes 7 nights accommodation in a 3 star hotel which we have sole use for, all meals and snacks at the hotel, an evening meal at a local taverna, all transfers and exertions, plus all running coaching, fitness sessions and mindset workshops, with optional 121s with Julie and some of the visiting coaches. 

FYI – The retreat starts first thing on Sunday morning so don’t stress about getting an early flight, you won’t miss anything.

Think you can’t afford it?

Perhaps you are uncomfortable or not used to spending this amount of money on yourself, or fear others will judge you as being selfish for wanting to spend time away from home. But why shouldn’t you invest in your health and happiness.

We hear “I can’t afford this?” often (not only about the retreat but even with our £79 for the year running club) and this is not to say we believe that everyone is able to find the money to come, but we do know our retreat is very competitively priced considering the quality of the experience you will have and the staff you have access to. We have worked incredibly hard to negotiate good rates locally which we are passing on to you guys.

Be creative about raising the cash. How about asking for it as a birthday gift? How about setting up a fundraising page via GoFundMe? Or perhaps a loved one would happily pay for you to go if only you asked.

OK. So let’s remind ourselves again of who this retreat is for?

  • Ordinary (But of course extraordinary) women who want to take action.
  • Women who have had enough of putting everyone else first
  • Women who want to start taking better care of themselves
  • Women who want a new challenge, a new adventure, a new start
  • Women who are keen to address their sabotaging behaviours once and for all
  • Women who want to be around a group of other inspiring women and have a week filled with food, fitness and fun in equal measure.

So what do you think?

Want to come?

If you have any questions drop me a line at julie@toofattorun.co.uk, and don’t worry I don’t do the hard sell…I want to make sure I have the right women on my retreats.

Ready to commit?

Well pay your deposit here to secure your place.

We can then sort out any payment plans you need.

Don’t do PayPal, don’t worry, we can organise a bank transfer instead. Just drop us a line.

We can offer a £50 discount for anyone who pays in full before the 30th November.


Refund Policy

If you cancel your retreat within three weeks of departure, we are sorry but we cannot offer a refund.  If you cancel anything up to three weeks prior to departure you are eligible for a refund of 50% of the full price, minus the £299 deposit. However, as our retreats are often fully subscribed, if we can give your place to another customer who was on our waiting list, even within the 3 week period, we will endeavour to do so, and give you a refund minus the original deposit. We suggest you take out travel insurance as soon as you book your retreat, which will cover you for cancellations, as we cannot waive our cancellation policy or be liable for loss of your holiday in the event that you are unable to travel to the retreat.

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