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Well I know what I will be doing. I will be lining up with thousands of ladies from around the country (many dressed in pink I would imagine) as we take on the UK’s first ever women-only Marathon and Half Marathon and most importantly lead the charge on cancer. IMG_7928.JPGYes, on Sunday 4th October over 3000 women will take part in an awesome women only running festival hosted at Lee Valley Country Park which promises to be the most friendly running event EVER!!! It was announced yesterday that I would be joining GB coach Nick Anderson as an Ambassador for this event, and I am so excited to be offering advice and support to women, for many of whom this will be their first time upping the distance beyond 10K. So what can you expect by signing up?

  • The opportunity for friends and family to run a small section of the course with you to keep you going
  • Regular refuelling stations, with food, drink and expert advice to re-energise and motivate you when you need it
  • Free access to a Race for Life 5k and 10k of your choice to help your training
  • A tailor-made training plan from the experts at Kiqplan™ to help you with your long distance running
  • Exclusive Race for Life Marathon training and advice groups, headed up by We Run – the training specialists. These will get you fit and ready and give you the chance to make friends and ask questions along the way

But also you can join a whole heap of ladies from the Too Fat to Run community in our biggest meet up race to date, we already have about 20 ladies from The Clubhouse signed up…my goal is to reach 100. Can you imagine…100 ladies in pink Too Fat to Run race vests and tutus? (Tutus optional of course) I will be hosting a meet and greet at the event, and there will also be a Too Fat to Run cheering squad along the route…and just so you know there will be pots and pans involved and a whole range of interactive foolishness to keep your spirits up. IMG_7930.JPGBut I’m not sure if I am ready for a marathon or even a half? On Sunday it will be exactly 12 weeks to the big day, and guess what? 12 weeks is the perfect amount of time to train for a half marathon, or to take yourself from a half to a full. Besides, the great thing about Race for Life events is you can always walk, jog or run…or of course do a mixture of all three. I always break my training up in to blocks and give myself milestones to tick off, like running a confident 10K, doing a hill training session, doing a long run with some friends, getting into double mileage figures…seriously ladies you can do this. I am worried I won’t keep the training up In my opinion the best way to commit to a big race is to sign up to a big race, and if you need someone to keep an eye on you and motivate you each week to get out there and train, then you can always join The Clubhouse (our virtual running club) and prepare as part of our special team, we are hosting  special training day of our own on the 15th August…where we will get you covering 10 miles with lots of laughter in Hyde Park, London. IMG_7929.JPGSeriously guys, this event is going to be awesome. The route has been carefully planned out, and its on a course where I ran my first ever non stop 10K (its beautiful). So if you can run a confidentish 5k and can commit to running 3 times a week between now and October you will be awesome at the half. Perhaps this is the event you have been waiting for to take your running to the next level? Cancer has touched so many of our lives, but not only that by being a role model and showing that anyone can run a half marathon (or even a marathon) we will be working together to increase physical activity levels in the UK, a proven preventative measure for so many cancers. So what you waiting for? I know what I’m doing on the 4th October, question is do you? Click here for more info about the event and to sign up, and do keep an eye out for updates and advice over the next few weeks on the events specific Facebook Page.

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