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Yesterday I headed out for my first long run of the year (I know I know its March, I have been unwell OK) and as I plodded around East London ticking off the miles I had a little laugh to myself at just how crazy this running thing is.

Just because you have run marathons and half marathons in the past that in no way ensures that you will always be able to, especially if you don’t put in the time or effort to keep up your level of fitness, in some ways you can find you self right back as square one again…however this time round you are clearer about what it takes to get back to where you need to be.

I managed 8 miles, 2 of which were more walk running than running if truth be known but I am glad I got out there and faced it. Aside from a small bit of chaffing and a tender left foot (I think I need new shoes) I feel surprisingly OK this morning, and excited about the spring half marathons I have coming up now.

People often say to me,

You must really like running

To which I reply

No way…I hate running, well not hate it…but I love everything about running, the kit, the community, the races, the planning, but the actual running itself…well thats bloody hard work

And over the last few months I have a number of ladies say I’d love to come on your health and happiness retreat but I don’t like running, well in truth I don’t think you are going to find another lady in that luxury villa (have I mentioned at all how nice the villa is?) who absolutely loves running either.

This is absolutely not a retreat for running fanatics, with ten milers before breakfast, Fartlek 5 minutes after lunch (urgh)…no there are only a few running specific sessions scheduled and all of these can be done as hikes, or ever at a gentle meandering pace. In fact all of the exercise sessions during the week are completely optional, as the retreat is truly about what you want and need from it rather than being a bootcamp.

Of course I don’t want to give the whole schedule away but here’s an idea of some of the exciting things we will be doing over the 7 days

  • Morning Yoga at the Villa and on the Beach
  • Sunset dinner at the most picturesk taverna
  • Strength Training
  • Group Mindset Sessions
  • Dawn 5K exploration run
  • Hilly Hike
  • 121 Discovery Sessions
  • Water Aerobics
  • Excursions
  • Greek Cooking Lesson
  • Guest Speakers

Plus there will be plenty of time to simply be, to sit in the sun with a fresh juice and your journal and to really get to the bottom of what it is thats holding you back from being your happiest, most healthiest, most vibrant beautiful self. The experience of being in such a tight group of women going through the same issues is bound to be epic, and I’m looking forward to getting a bit of a tan too!!

So even if you don’t want to run, or if you wanted to bring a friend, sister, you mum etc and they wouldn’t dream of running don’t be put off, give us a shout and we can talk you through the details.

There are less than 10 weeks to go now…how exciting!!!

Check out our retreat page for costs etc 

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