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Now I am not for a minute saying that running 26.2 miles is easy, its not. But I can assure you that 99% of the people who say to me “Oh my gosh I could never run a marathon” well they could.

Its all about attitude

If you can stand on your feet all day, which most of us do then you can complete a marathon. Ok you might not get a great time, like my 5.50.37, did I mention I did a sub 6 for my firstever marathon 😉

But seriously, I want to draw your attention to a young lady that I mentioned in my last post, I didn’t know her by name then I simply described her as “a lady with some kind of a disability using a walking frame” Well that young lady is called Nicole, Nicole Evans and I think she is fantastic.

She started the marathon in the same holding pen as me, at 10am Sunday morning, and this afternoon after 4 gruelling days in horrific weather she completed it.

Here is her story

My name is Nicole Evans and I am 25 years of age, diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy from birth. Until the age of 18 I competed in 3 mini london wheelchair marathons, regionally in athletics and nationally in swimming after which, my career as a coach and academia took priority.

Gradually changes in my disability become apparent and in December 2010 I was diagnosed with a second disability – Proximal Myopathy. Consultants informed me that eventually I will lose the ability to coordinate my muscles completely, need an electric wheelchair and become dependant. This really upset me, I thought that everything I’d worked for was coming to an end…Until I met my Personal Trainer! In just 13 months I have gone from not being able to get up off the floor to learning to walk again with a frame and even attempting crutches.

On April 22nd I will begin my toughest physical and psychological challenge to date and WALK the London Marathon aiming to complete the 26.2 miles within 4 days – a dream I never thought would ever come true! Please support me and Interactive who ensure equality for all in the sporting world.


So for anyone out there who thinks they can’t do something, think again!!

Well done Nicole

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