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This time last year I was just starting my tapering (ark at me!!) for my very first marathon, I was probably in the best shape I’d been in many years, I was running 10 – 20 miles per week and thoroughly enjoying my running.


I am probably 3 stone heavier, am quite unfit, have no muscle strength and am secretly a bit scared about running, I’m scared of how much work it’s gonna take to get my fitness back, scared to go back to being the slowest runner at my running club East London Runners

It’s amazing how quick you can lose your fitness, your pace and stamina, and I know loads of people keep saying “yeah but you’ve just had a baby” I know it will take time, and of course my priorities are different now.

Yesterday I took part in a charity fun run organised by Rooprai Trust last year I did the 10k in preparation for the marathon, but I could only manage the 2k this year…and my 3 month old baby Rose made her running debut!!


Me at last years race a few weeks before the Marathon, look how slim I looked??


Me yesterday, 3 months after giving birth with Rose in her pushchair


Rose, complete with tracksuit, trainers and raincoat – better to be safe than sorry hey?

Spurred on by my run yesterday I have taken another step towards my comeback and went along to the ELR track night.

I did 2 laps warming up and then a pyramid of sprints and recovery runs, which in my case were jogs then walks. The pyramid distances was 200m sprint, 200m recovery, then 400m sprint, 200 recovery etc etc up to 600m and then back down again, with an extra lap just to keep warm whilst the proper runners did their slightly higher distance pyramid.

It was tough, but I did it. All I need to do now is keep turning up and running but it’s a start.

  1. April 19, 2013

    I’II start running again this week.I enjoyed finding your blog.

  2. April 12, 2013

    Hi Julie loving your blog. I’m an east London runner too, 6 months post baby and sooooo unfit! It’s so depressing how quick you lose the fitness, although having said that, up til a few weeks back I’d done no exercise since before I had him. Went back to club couple of weeks back, scary! I was at the back and cut short the run. I need to keep going but lacking confidence and motivation. Maybe see you there at some point.

    • Hi Andrea…I’ll defo be back and probably (no definatly) at the back of the pack with you!!

      My problem at the moment is prioritising my running, there’s always something that needs doing and I feel guilty making time for just me!!

      My partners at Uni and can’t always get home in time for me to get to scheduled runs, Saturday mornings I’m trying to get along to Parkrun though!!

  3. Ive lost 102′lbs!!
    Thanks for this

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